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The Journey of Walt Disney

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Essay Preview: The Journey of Walt Disney

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-The journey of Walt Disney

Wouldn't it be amazing to go to a place where all ones dreams and imaginations could become a reality? Being a child doesn't last forever but Walt Disney's vision was to allow the mind of people of all ages to expand into a new world through film and amusement parks. One of Walt Disney's famous quotes is, "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyways" (Brad, 1999). He was a visionary with a creative mind who went through a long journey to make his visions become a success and created a grand break through for other forms of media and opened the door for creative minds.

Walt Disney was born on 1901 in Chicago Illinois, living with both his parents and four other siblings. Raised in a much lower class than others, his father was stern but Walt was encouraged by his mother and brother Roy to pursuit his dreams (Brad, 1999).He was very innovational, and loved the arts as well as finding a passion for the wild. After joining the Red Cross in his late teens, he decided to study Commercial arts, where Walt started his first company, however was unsuccessful. He continued to work on other projects and created a character of a little girl in a world named Alice in Wonderland which opened many doors for him in California. By 1935, those Alice comedies brought much success and popularity for Walt (Bam, 2011). He then became equal partner with his bother Roy, pooling all of their money together and opened the Walt Disney studio which was quickly out grown due to its escalating accomplishments. Moving to a new location in California and more opportunities approaching his direction, Walt began creating new characters that would come to mind, having their own personalities; Mickey Mouse becoming the star cartoon for viewers. Due to the fact that it became a major bang for the public, Walt was encouraged to do more. Roy's and Walt's empire was progressing and their series-the Silly Symphonies with Mickey Mouse as well. What Walt was doing, had become revolutionary and had never been done before. " Featured different casts of characters in each film and enabled the animators to experiment with stories that relied less on the gags and quick humor of the Mickey cartoons and more on mood, emotion, and musical themes" ( Brad, 1999). The brothers had built a reputation for quality animation by utilizing cutting-edge technological developments like color and even sound that caught attention to others.

The Disney brothers had established other full-length films and shows such as flowers and trees, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and classics like Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi (Brad, 1999). These films had become a sensation for the critics, causing Walt the privilege of winning the first ever given academy award for best cartoons in 1932. For the next decade or so, the Disney brothers continued to win the award for best cartoons forcing competitors to try to out beat them. Walt continued to astonish people with new ideas and in 1945 he featured live actions with cartoon animation such as Mary Poppins and Song of the South



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