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My Personal Philosophy of the Nursing Profession

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Essay Preview: My Personal Philosophy of the Nursing Profession

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My Personal Philosophy of the Nursing Profession

Karen Snyder


Purpose of this Paper

As a nurse we know that we always need a baseline to measure our goals and determine if we have met our outcomes. In writing this paper I have stopped and reflected on where I have came from as a nurse and what I hope to achieve in the future.

My Personal Philosophy of our Profession

I have always been a peace maker and try to make sure everything is great for everyone. It is in my personality to be a caretaker. I love people and I enjoy helping people. Nursing was a natural fit for me. Unfortunately it was not that simple. There is a false perception that nurses are glorified babysitters for the sick. In actuality we are much more. We do not have the benefit of only the task at hand. We must have a holistic approach. Direct care of the patient is the basis of the complex and diversified formulation that is necessary. We have grown in nursing to understand that others are affected by the need for healthcare other than just the patient. We must consider are there children at home without a mom, or did they have to leave their spouse of fifty years who has Alzheimer's in the neighbors care? To add to this complexity is ultimately the question, "What caused them to be placed in our care?" Can they not afford their medication? Do they understand the complications of diabetes? Are they children in an abusive home? It is not as simple as I thought it would be in my early years. Oh how I wish we could just kiss the boo boo and all would be well. With nursing having such diversified areas to work in we encounter everything from neonatal to hospice. This is what makes it difficult and fulfilling at the same time. In the beginning of nursing it seemed to be a small area that encompassed only the sick that lay before you. Now it has spread to homes, communities, schools, industries, prison systems, cruise ships, and the list goes on. It is important to me to expand the knowledge that everything is not about oneself. We are in a society that believes everything is about self and convenience. This is crippling our nation including healthcare. Teaching allows me the ability to help form the future of my profession. It is my responsibility as a child of God to use my gift. I cannot sing or dance. I have a gift to be a nurse. It is my special talent. If I can make one person's day better than it was worth waking up that day. My philosophy is very simple. What I do for those that cannot do for themselves I do unto the Lord. "And the King will reply to them, Truly I tell you, in so far as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it for Me"(Matthew 25:40 amplified version).

How I Came to this Philosophy

When I began in this profession I always treated people



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