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Personal Philosophy of Meaning and Value

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Essentially, the idea of a personal philosophy and of meaning and value can be related to the idea of situated knowledge by Thomas Kuhn. Man, I believe is an adaptable animal situated socially & in time. He is shaped by his socialization which is also framed in time & by the cultural & social networks he was/is in & the ideas/problems/notions prevalent in the particular stages of his life/time period. To explore meaning & value from a personal perspective is a structuralist approach, structuralism being defined as that sociological approach to understand the workings of the social world by providing specific focus on its varied aspects in order to provide a clearer picture from the ground up. Structuralism can be used as a viewpoint to understand the varied aspects of one's life including finding the value of the meaning of social relationships by undertaking an extensive look into one's philosophies & moral codes. I believe that through the years, we accumulate experience thereby providing us with the backdrop from which to attain a certain sense of wisdom, whatever the problem or topic. In this way, what we know as truth changes and we refer to the verisimilitude of ideas instead of valuing a particular viewpoint as the only gospel truth. We become more objective than subjective, and slowly we come to understand that in the social world, how man attaches meanings to his relationships shapes him, the culture he shares in and the society he claims to be a part of.

Personal philosophy of meaning and value can be associated with sited knowledge by Thomas Kuhn. Kuhn believed that time, culture, and social networks in which man has put himself/herself into influence a person. I feel that my philosophy is based from a structuralist approach on understanding. All of my understanding comes from my social world and personal experiences. The personal and business relations ships that I form shape the person that I am today. As I gain more experience and wisdom in life I am able to provide better answers to personal and business issues. I am able to have views that are more objective then subjective.



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