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My Sad Story

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As I grew older, I knew I would change for better or the worse. People all around me played a huge factor in my in my life. Its amazing how one person can help you shape and change as an individual. My aunt played a very huge role in my life because she was there to support me. She knew exactly when I needed her the most or needed a shoulder to lean on and tell my problems to. She has truly inspired me and influenced my choices in life and helped mold me into a responsible, independent young lady. Since I am the child of a widowed military man she has been the only person I can trust and depend on. My aunt supported me in many ways and has helped me to make decisions that were either good or bad. She taught me to be very charismatic and responsible when it was needed. She motivated me each and every day. She was not only my second mother, but my friend and support system. She didn't judge me based on the decisions that I made, but how I am affected by them. My aunt guided me on the right path and helped me to make the right decisions in school and in my life.

I can remember when my mother first died she was the first person that I wanted to talk to. After that I moved in with her and she taught me everything she knew. Right then I knew that she would never leave my side. She has truly made a huge impact on my life because she had helped me to go out and try new things just to see if I would like them. No matter what I chose to be in life she always told me that she would support me through it all. By having a great support system she helped me not to make the wrong decisions in life because I have been through a time in my life where I made a bad decision. After three years of living with her my father made me move to Louisiana with my grandmother. Once I moved, I gave up and started to do badly in school. She told me that if I did better in school that she would come and get me. And that's exactly what she did I brought my GPA up to a 3.4 and she came and got me.

She is also the reason why I want to be a nurse. My aunt was a nurse for 21 years and every one came to her when they were sick. But most of all she taught me how to be a nurse. In 2009 my aunt was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. At this time I became her nurse. She taught me how to check vital signs and everything else. But before she died in 2010, she told that the best place to be in for the medical field was in Peoria. For 4 years she worked at the Children Hospital of Illinois and she bragged about how much she learned from them. I want to follow in her footsteps. So when I told her I wanted to go to Bradley University she was very pleased. Bradley is a good place for me because the school is not too big, it's known for its nursing, and I feel very comfortable every time I step on the campus. I believe that if I go to Bradley, not only can I follow in her footsteps but I can go further with my nursing career.



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