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My Trip to Tahiti

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Essay Preview: My Trip to Tahiti

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Tyler Verrey

English 1301

10 October 2017

My Trip to Tahiti

        As I stepped off the crowded, stuffy plane into the gleaming sunlight, I felt excited and a child-like giddiness come over me. The tall coconut and banana trees were already in view and could almost taste the sweet aromas they gave off. I was greeted by the airport staff that gave me a tiare, the national flower of Tahiti. It smelled creamy and rich, with a sweetness that made my mouth water.

After grabbing my luggage, I finally made it to the boat that would take me to the island. It was constructed from wood and looked dilapidated from the constant ocean beating it received. The faded paint and worn surface was contrasted by the new engine and communications equipment inside. As the waves rocked the boat from side to side, I was too distracted by the sun gleaming off the cool white waters in the distance to be sea sick. Catamarans, yachts, and sailboats all flanked the side of the island, giving the island an elite status.

The boat moored to the pier and I was greeted by the resort staff. They greeted me with an intricate flower necklace that was hung around my neck. Walking down the pier, I could start to smell the vanilla that the island is famous for. It smelled decadent, with hints of chocolate, and spice. The feel of the soft sand crunching between my feet forced my calf muscles to contract as my excitement came to its peak.

The over water pontoon that I would be calling home for the next week, was nestled over the clear waters of the island lagoon. As I walked into the room I was immediately affixed on the view in the center of the room. It was a window built into the floor of the pontoon. I stood over the glass looking down into the waters of the lagoon to observe the colorful and mesmerizing fish swimming in schools of hundreds. The straw roof overhung the entrance to the private patio overlooking the lagoon. In the distance I could see the island of Bora Bora and its steep peak jutting to the sun above it. The patio had a staircase built into the waters below and allowed me to experience the warm inviting water. As I plunged deeper into the water I felt a wave of cool come over my body. I grabbed more sand from the bottom and felt the stark contrast it had to the rough sand from the shore. The smooth sand felt like an exfoliant as I rubbed it in my hand. The sting in my eyes grew as I spent more time under water and had to surface.

Climbing back into my room, I spotted a previously overlooked item. A fine bottle of French champagne was sitting on the table. Wasting no time, I popped the cork off and filled my glass. The bubbles were golden and jumping out of the glass. Apple, pear and citrus fruit immediately jumped into my mouth. The sensational experience forced me to never forget that moment, the resort, or the island.



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