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Planning a Weekend Family Trip to City in Saudi Arabia

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Essay Preview: Planning a Weekend Family Trip to City in Saudi Arabia

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Planning a weekend family trip to a city in Saudi Arabia

Somehow in today's world a typical family might feel separated, lonely and away from each other. To cure this problem or case, there are many ways, but one of the best is planning a family trip which reunites family members together. A family trip can do things that are beyond anyone's imagination. It can reinforce the way the family members are connected. It can reveal beautiful things about them. A nice family trip to city in Saudi Arabia goes through three major steps which are selection, determination and organization.

To start, sit with the family members, and decide the right time, place and transportation mode. The right way refers to a convenient weekend, and the place refers to the selected city. The transportation mode could be by land, air and sea, For example, choose a weekend when all the family members are free and go to Alkobar by train.

After selection comes the determination step that may consist of the number of people, expenses and activities for estimating the budget. Start with how many people are going, and look to the variety of their ages because an adult needs more money than a kid. Then go through the expenses of every one of them, For example, the expenses of shopping, food and accommodation. Determine the fares for activities like tours and small trips.

The final step is the organization of the activities that are desired by the family. You may go to historical places, so you can enjoy and get some valuable information. Whenever you go to a city, there must be at least one recreation center, so go to one of them. If you are in a city where you have relatives, you can visit them.

In brief, planning a weekend family trip requires careful choosing, decisions and arrangements. At the beginning you choose the best place, time and way. After that, you start to calculate the budget for everything and prepare the ideal activities. Maybe after all these steps for a trip, you will feel together again like old-times.



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