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My Work at Ird

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Essay Preview: My Work at Ird

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During my work at IRD as Finance Manager for one year and CHF International for six years as Finance Officer and in Arab Islamic Bank for five years in many positions, the last was the bank representative at Palestinian Monetary Authority PMA in clearing house, I have gained strong experience in many fields, furthermore, I have attended to the MBA program in Birzeit University and I have finished 30 out of 36 academic hours yet, in addition, I have B.A in accounting from An- Najah University at the beginning of 2001, all of that have given me much of important strengths.

By going through my resume you will find much of those important strengths that will include and not limited to:

o Strong Leadership skills and experience

o Strong strategic Management skills

o Strong experience in NGOs accounting and finance.

o Strong logistics experience

o Strong Administrative and HR experience.

o Strong Experience in procurement and contracting.

o Strong Experience in USAID regulations, circulars and other donors Such as MEII, OPIC, WFP, UNICEF, ARD ...etc.

o Familiarity with local laws.

o Strong experience in Budgeting

o Helping in preparing and writing Proposals

o Strong experience in Reporting.

o Strong Experience in grants and related tasks

o Strong Banking experience.

o And other skills detailed herein the CV.


1. Currently, attending Master Degree in MBA at Birzeit University, I have finished 30 out of 36 hours.

2. B.A in Accounting at An-Najah National University-Nablus /Palestine, January, 2001.

3. Passing the first and part of the second level of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) and preparing for the other exams.

Detailed responsibilities include to:

* Manage the accounting and finance components of IRD

* Work with the program team in project budget planning and management

* Follow up implementation of the projects/Grants according to the agreements

* Lead the team and coordinates with all members to ensure successful implementation of the projects

* Follow up all logistics issues



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