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National Honor Society

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As a successful, competitive student at Middleton High School, I see that I am a well-equipped candidate to be a member of the National Honor Society. As a potential member of National Honor Society, I recognize that individuality and character are important factors for obtaining membership. I can initiate new relationships with others, as well as adjust myself in new environments. I also learned to keep a positive attitude, even when things are not going in my favor, to help enlighten others around me. I always like to have fun, but I also know when to be serious in the midst of challenging circumstances. I believe another important requirement for gaining membership in the National Honor Society would be the development of successful academic skills. Although I am not in any official leadership positions in my school, I feel that I demonstrate leadership traits in the classroom as a tutor and as a fellow classmate. In the classroom, I feel that I lead by taking the initiative to always doing the best that I can; and by doing that I help set the standard for other students to follow.

Some ideas that I have in terms of increasing member involvement would be doing small community outreach programs around the school, such as, cleaning up the school community area or reaching to kids who have difficulties in school academics and addressing it by tutoring them.

One characteristic that I would like to improve on this year is to be more outspoken and outgoing. Giving the opportunity through the National Honor Society I can be a better role model for others; motivating peers to improve performance in the classroom.



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