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Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Sea Guard

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Essay Preview: Royal National Lifeboat Institution - Sea Guard

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Sea is a vital place to be guarded, due to the amount of accidents, as well as the lack of places when seeking help in case of an emergency. Royal National Lifeboat Institution makes an effort to reduce the number of accidents by providing lifeboat search and rescue services around the coast of the UK and RoI based on non profit company. In addition, RNLI have Flood Rescue team for land disaster. Hense The 7P's or Extended Marketing Mix of Booms and Bitner in Marketing Strategy will be discuss further in this essay.

The ways Royal National Lifeboat Institution saves lifes

RNLI has saved more than 139,000 lifes since its foundation in 1824 by providing 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue services around the coast of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, as well as a seasonal lifeguard services on many of the busiest beaches in England and Wales based on non profit company.

RNLI has 235 lifeboat stations crewed mainly by local volunteers, lifeguards are also a welcome sight more than 140 beaches, over 140 shops selling souvenirs, gifts, toys and collectables, around the UK and Republic of Ireland.

For every £1 given to the RNLI, 81p is spent on providing a rescue service, 3p is spent on preventative safety programmes, 16p is spent on generating voluntary income. With all donation are given to RNLI, can saves lifes or even reduce the number of accident. For all partners, clients, and fundraiser of RNLI will get a priviledge such as using a RNLI properties for private use (with terms and condition such as minimum donation), invited to RNLI events, etc.

In every business, the company should have an advertising as a promotion, no exception for non profit company. RNLI as non profit company can advertise with mutual base with the sponsors, for example, global fundraising between UNICEF and Starwood Hotels and resorts. Starwood Hotels gives every guest to support UNICEF's work trough the addition of US$1 to their bill. Materials produced by UNICEF, containing about the programme are presented to gueste at various points during their stay (source: © 2008 UNICEF). With this type of partnership, both company have benefits, UNICEF got free placement for their advertisement, and assist for fundraising, and Starwood Hotels have their logo in UNICEF's website and other UNICEF promotion placement as a sponsor company, and Starwood Hotels should have increasing number of sales because of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme. Regularly company with CSR programme had grown their sales because with this kind of programme will raise company name.

Lifeboat crews are mostly volunteers, with over 4,800 lifeboat crew members in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, of which over 340 are women. Crews are regulary called away from their families, their beds and their work,



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