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Nature Case

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The Tragedy of the Commons is very important concept. It is very important because it is telling us that we must start accepting the dreadful conditions of our environment. This notion was talked about in the famous article written by Garrett Hardin in 1963.The tragedy of the commons basic idea is "if a resource is held in common for use by all, then ultimately that resource will be destroyed. "Freedom in a common brings ruin to all." To avoid the ultimate destruction, we must change our human values and ideas of morality."(Stewart) This means that if a resource is used almost every day of our lives it will eventually run out and if it's going to run out we must think of new ways to not use this resource up. For example, the resources must be available for use. Iron in earth's core is held in common and will not be destroyed because it is assailable to humans. (Stewart) However, resources that can be obtained by humans and used every day like oil will eventually run out. This is an example of tragedy of commons in everyday life because oil is a very limited resource now because we have been using it and will eventually run out. So now we are thinking of new ways for us to drive so we don't use up all our oil.



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