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Nature of Religion

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The Nature of Religion

The authority of this chosen resource is very legit.

The write of this Report shows his extensive knowledge on the question on what is the nature of religion. He also rises good points and ideas on ways to give people a better understanding of regular questions asked.

Shukavak N. Dasa Ph.D. (the Author) background supports that his an expertise on this specific topic. Shukavak N. Dasa received his Ph.D. in South Asian Studies and his Masters degree in Sanskrit grammar from the University of Toronto.

As Shukavak is Hindu, he tends to bend more towards his religion instead of discussing religion as a whole; he regularly relates everything to Hinduism.

Shukavak quotes "the most common answers go something like: Religion is the belief in God, the soul and an afterlife; religion is a set of rules to regulate how people should act in the world; religion is a series of rituals and symbols that address the psychology of human beings; or religion is a way of life."

This answer of what is the nature of religion?, Is what most people tend to answer or believe. Shukavak later then answers what really the nature of religion is. At the start of his report he discusses on how death and dying has affect on our human consciousness. When things start to happen to 'innocent' or 'good' people, they tend to ask questions like. Who are we? What is this world? Why is there suffering, and so forth? This is whens Shukavak report on belief and faith comes into place.

He quotes "Implicit within such questioning comes a faith that there can be answers to such questions. This faith takes many forms, one of which is religious faith. In other words, the origins of religious faith lay within the experience of life itself; and so long as there continues to be life, with all its beauty and mystery, and even horror, there will always be faith. Even modern science, which has solved the mystery of lighting, thunder and eclipses, has shown even greater beauties and mysteries that continue to inspire the heart of mankind".

As the report progresses it starts to talk more relevant to the nature of religion.

Basically, he discusses the features of the nature of religion.

That being 'Belief and faith, what impact of sin and horror has such affect on our belief to is there really a god?'

This site is so relevant to our study topic as it does a very well done job on explaining the difference between the transcendent and the immanent. This report is a huge explanation and example of an immanent dimension, which is Hinduism. It gave great background information on the nature



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