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Negative Effects of Internet

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Essay Preview: Negative Effects of Internet

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"Negative effects of using the Internet"

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1. Introduction 1

1.1 Aim

1.2 Background

2. Method 2

2.1 Secondary sources

2.2 Primary sources

2.2.1 Subjects

2.2.2 Questionnaire

2.2.3 Procedure for administering questionnaire and collating the results.

3. Results and Discussion 3-5

3.1 Using the internet Figure 1 3

3.2 Negative effects of using the internet Figure 2 4

3.3 Causes of negative effects of using the internet Figure 3 5

3.4 Protect of the negative effects of using the internet Figure 4 6

4. Conclusion 7

5. References List 9

1. Introduction

1.1 Aim

The aim of this report is to find out what citizens in Melbourne know about negative effects of using the internet. This report has been written for the ministry of science & technology to advice them of the harmful effects of using the internet in our social life.

1.2 Background

At the moment the Internet is very prominent all over the world. Most educated young people use the internet every day. This could have a harmful effect since people will proceed in certain ways and say certain things that they otherwise wouldn't do in real social life.

Nowadays the Internet is very popular generally most teenage people. People go online to get information. People also go online because the internet offers freedom and more information to do whatever they want, to say anything they want and to be whoever they want. Internet addiction has resulted in changing our lifestyles and social values. Numbers of internet crimes are countless. Health risks increase as the overuse of internet. Generally teenage people use internet regular more than 4 hours. It is harmful for their eyesight & academic study. They do not give extra time for sleep and family. It has influenced every aspect of people's lives. Children spent more time on the internet. Children learn Pornography, violence, hate speech, gambling & antisocial behavior from the internet. In addition, a negative effect of using the internet is not an undisclosed anymore.

In response to academic surveys, 25-50% of men with Internet access admit spending time online viewing explicit material (Gossett and Byrne, 2002)

According to Department of justice, equality and law reform, there are various types of illegal and harmful uses of the Internet. They are: state safety, children security, financial security, cultural discrimination, pornography, privacy guard, betting, and transaction of controlled drugs, libel, and information protection.

Consequently, knowing about using the internet is essential in our social life. The following sections will focus on five Parts. The first part is the introduction. Next part is concerned with the methods, results and discussion, conclusion and recommendations.

2. Method

2.1 Secondary sources

The secondary sources were collected from the reference books, newspaper articles and the internet. These data will be disclosed in detail in the reference list.

2.2 Primary sources

2.2.1 Subjects

This report is proposing 15 people who have permanent resident (PR) or citizenship in Australia, who answer the questionnaire about the negative effects of using the internet. This was applicable for local people in Melbourne.

2.2.2 Questionnaire or Survey:

This survey focuses on the negative effects of using the internet. All the questions were

Written based on the information searched on the Internet. The instructor checked all the questions and gave some ideas, then made some adjustments questions. There were 12 questions for 15 local people, consisting of 8 closed questions and 4 open questions.

2.2.3 Method for administering questionnaire and collating the results

The questionnaire was administered by give the questionnaire to 15 local people in Melbourne. No one refuses to answer the questionnaire, again no people didn't give all answer. The results were sorted into diagrams and tables.



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