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Negative Effects of Medication

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Essay Preview: Negative Effects of Medication

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Negative Effects of Medication

Medications can bring huge improvements in your life, restoring your focus and giving you back a feeling of control. But for some people, drugs come with a price like side effects, addiction, and overdose. Most of the time medication side effects are mild, like upset stomach or insomnia and fade after a few weeks of treatment. Other times, side effects can be more problematic. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do on your own and with your doctor to ease your symptoms and smooth out your treatment.

Also, medication can lead to addiction if not monitored. The body is like a muscle, if you give it the same work out every day it will get used to it eventually. That is why you must increase your work out every 2 weeks for better endurance. Medication in the body works the same way. You can start with 500mg of a medication and eventually your body will adjust to the dosage, causing you to increase your dosage for better results. Most of the time, we self-prescribe medication and increase our dosage without a doctor's supervision. This is where most people go wrong and addiction might become a problem. Just because a doctor prescribes a medication does not mean that if not used properly it might lead to addiction later on.

This brings me to my next topic, overdose. When addiction becomes an issue with medication, when do you stop taking it? How many milligrams does it take to satisfy you and put you at the high stage you need to be? Overdose is huge problem in America. Teens have the highest rate of overdose when it comes to overdosing on medication. Not street drugs but regular medication. Prescribed medication is easier to get their hands on than street drugs. Adults also have trouble with this because they believe that increasing dosage without proper supervision will not be harmful. In the following paragraphs you will learn the reasons why medication can be dangerous if not monitored.



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