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Essay Preview: Nespresso-Cocacola

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Good afternoon I’m going to present you the difference between the marketing strategies from 2 big companies; Nespresso and the coca cola company by comparing the 4 p’s.

So first for nespresso. They have a singular focus on creating the highest quality grand cru coffees, creating a good relationship with their consumers and doing all of this in a sustainable way. A new aspect of their marketing model is geographic expansion so that they can reach more people and enlarge their number of unique consumers.

The coca cola company bases their strategy on 4 P’s. Product place price and promotion.

For the product aspect, the try to have an as large as possible product portfolio, they already have about 3300 products and it’s still growing.

For the place aspect, the coca cola company tries to make its products available all around the world. The company has a market presence in around 200 countries.

The pricing at coca cola company is based on it’s competitors. As an example; pepsi is a direct competitor if we look at the beverage coca cola . So if pepsi raises his price, the price of coca cola will do the same.

The company uses various promotion strategies to increase the demand. Mostly they try to associate with people’s lifestyle’s so that people would feel a connection with the brand and buy it.

If we compare the two brands and their marketing strategies, we can say they have a whole different vision on marketing. While nespresso focusses on having high class coffees but not too many to gain clients, coca cola focusses on having a lot of products so everybody would like a product of the brand.

The price setting is done differently at both companies, coca cola is a price taker while nespresso is a price setter. While Nespresso is planning on expanding its territory, coca cola already has a huge market presence all around the world.

The two companies both try to care for the environment, Nespresso does this by having close contact with their farmers while Coca cola has multiple projects to make their production less polluting for the environment.  

As a conclusion we can say that however the two companies have quite different Strategies. They have still managed to become two healthy, worldwide famous companies.



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