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Nespresso Company Case Study

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Essay Preview: Nespresso Company Case Study

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“A product is a good, service or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers’ needs and is received in exchange for money or something else value” Product is one of the 4 key elements in marketing( product, place, price, promotion), and it is a really big part of the business to these companies which use their products to attract their clients and make profits. Nowadays, people want their life become more efficient and relax. The technology is also helping them to achieve their goals in a easier way. Therefore, these companies are also need to change their products and their strategies which will help them not falling behind to other competitor. Product Orientation Method is becoming more and more important in the business. This means that companies put their all attention to redesign, refine and improve their product quality. The product strategy becomes the key to success for these companies

Nespresso is also one of the company that aim to become the perfect coffee brand for worldwide by establishing the Nespresso brand as a super premium brand. They also think that the product Orientation Method is extremely essential to a company. They believe keep having new products face to the public will not only get more people know their brand, but also will let themselves know that what people actually need in their life. They believe that the failure and mistake will help them improve their products better.

The Nespresso’s products are voluntarily more expensive because of the image of the product. Nespresso wants to give a luxury and upscale image to his products and play on the design and on the quality to justify the price. Nespresso is still putting their effort to develop high technology coffee machines. There are numerous models of machine that range in complexity and price. The Nespresso create a smaller machine range than other coffee machine which including the new water-save technology. They also create their machine pre-adjustable which can brew a cup of delicious espresso by itself in the morning so that customers will woken up by the smell of a fresh auto-serve coffee. The most impressive technology they developed was to use bluetooth to connect with your phone or tablet. The Nespresso has improved their machines in little details which help people getting relaxing life. Recently, Nespresso just designed a product which is developed for North America. The system is called VertuoLine system. Nespresso designed this system to appeal to the demand by North Americans for larger servings of coffee than the Nespresso machine produces. The VertuoLine system was intended to expand Nespresso's product line to offer coffee closer to the American style of filtered coffee, and thus expand Nespresso's market share in North America. From the Nespresso official website announcement. Because of the new system The business is experiencing double-digit growth and they



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