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New Generation - Who Are They?

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Essay Preview: New Generation - Who Are They?

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New generation - who are they?

New generation? Are they indigo-kids? Or it's just a fiction? So many people, so many minds. Some people believe that they really exist, and the others that it's people's imagination. Let's consider these two opinions.

Indigo-kids are thought to be spiritually gifted. In different articles we can stories about their abilities. One of them tells the story how little child was playing in the playground. When a drug addict was passing him, the child asked him why he was using it, he would die the next day. The others state that they recognize such kids by their penetrating, wide eyes, which work hypnotically; when you understand that your soul opens before these eyes. Anyway, they leave their traces by their extraordinary gifts.

However, many people deny these facts. They believe that these children labeled indigo by their parents, because they are sure that their child is the best. Though, some researchers affirm that these "indigo-kids" can have attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder. They need special attention, because they are very vulnerable and can blame themselves in everything, e.g. when their parents quarrel.

So, considering several arguments about the new generation, we can conclude that this issue remains open. We don't have ultimate answer on this question, because there are many pros and cons about existing of such kids.



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