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New Kids in the Neighbour Hood

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Essay Preview: New Kids in the Neighbour Hood

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Contrast between white kids and black kids + a black remover

White kids with black dog and black kids with white cat

Left side of the picture in the foreground there is a yellow chair and a yellow lamp

Personification of India:

- Her, she, herself

- India => woman

- She can't gain......

- Giving birth


- Sleep vs. Awake

- Passive vs. Active

- Past vs. Future

- Freedom vs. Disaster

- Good vs. Ill

- Success vs. Failure

- Live together vs. Apart

- Reality vs. Dream


- Freedom

- Responsibility

- Dream

- Opportunity

- Future

1. Analyse the speech by using the rhetorical pentagon


- Terrorism

- World Trade Centre

- Future of America


1. American people, victims and people related to the victims

2. The rest of the world and the terrorist


- George W. Bush

- He was president when he made this speech

- He was a Republican


- He use simple language, so everyone can understand him

- He uses many inclusive pronoun, f.eks. we and us


- Just after the 9/11 attack

- State of shock


- To calm the people down and show that he is a great leader who will walk them though this crisis.

2. Find examples of Bush's use of imagery and explain their rhetorical purpose





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