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New Proposition Will Reduce Traffic Jam and Environment Pollution in Ca

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Essay Preview: New Proposition Will Reduce Traffic Jam and Environment Pollution in Ca

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New proposition will reduce traffic jam and environment pollution in CA

For the past few years many people live in California feel the public transportation in this state is inconvenient and the traffic jam is so bothersome. According to the Aaron Couch said one-fifth of the automobile in the United States is in the California state(Couch,8), and obviously as the continued along the road of the people economy development, there are a lot of new demands are being put on the transportation means of the California state government. And this is particularly evident in a lot of big California city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. In California, the daily traffic jam was becoming the unavoidable thing in people's lives. I think so many people have the personal experience. Faced with the mounting traffic problem, fortunately proposition 71 will help California solve the problem because it advise the government increase the investment in public transportation in California to reduce traffic jam and air pollution caused by automobile. Proposition 71 states that the state government should focus their money and energy on improving the California public transportation instead of building more road and freeways. The government should build more subway and bus lines, because public transportation is very convenient for people without a car, and it is very cheap and it is better for the environment and it is a better long-term solution for meeting the

transportation demands of future in California.

The traffic jams in large cities like Los Angeles are mainly because of the increase of the number of the private cars in California. Imagine if the 100 people they drive their own private car to work in the morning, the polluting emissions from these 100 cars pollute the air. People know that having 100 extra cars on the road is not only the means more traffic, but it also mean that all cars on the road will run their engine longer to produce more emission, pollution to the atmosphere. When they have to park in traffic jams, air pollution poses a great threat to our existence. Because "every automobile emissions carbon dioxide about 350 grams per kilometer."(Winston Harrington and Virginia D McConnell, 137). If the same 100 people take the bus to work or by subway to their office, there would be less congestion in the freeway, and even less pollution for our air. Proposition 71 will urge the government build more bus, bus lines and subway lines in California it would save much space on building parking lots, which is good news for both environment and the traffic jam, and on the other hand, public transportation can help us to save money every year.

If the government increases the investment in public transportation it also makes sense for all of the California residents. Texas A&M University estimates that in United States the most expensive public transportation in the city costs about six dollar per day. If someone twice across the city every day in a whole year would still less than the fifth of the cost of buy a normal new car.( Rusch, pg.49,50) And Rusch said that amount is still not to mention the inevitable expenditure of maintaining a good performance of the private car, taking into account the considerable



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