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Nine Key Areas of Leadership

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Nine Key Areas Of Leadership

Leadership, what is it? The question still remains. Leadership is defined as social influence; showing the way or course of action; causing to follow by ideas and deeds; influencing through instruction, heroic feats, and force of will, magnified by the component of caring about the task to be done and welfare of others; the functions or processes of establishing direction, aligning people and resources, and energizing people to accomplish results. For the past five weeks in my "Leading and Managing" class, we have discussed various topics when it comes to leadership such as the concepts, principles, and techniques of nine key areas of leadership success. The nine key areas of leadership consist of the following: 1) Leadership Equation, 2) Power of Vision, 3) Importance of Ethics, 4) Empowerment of People, 5) Leadership Principles, 6) Understanding People, 7) Multiplying Effectiveness, 8) Developing Others, and 9) Performance Management.

When it comes to the nine key areas of leadership, the individuals, that I consider to be great leaders, that come to mind that had a great impact on me, are my high school football, basketball, and baseball coaches. The first key area of leadership is the leadership equation in which the primary focus pertains to the type of leadership style, which is most effective for those in leadership positions. The type of leadership style that best describes my coaches would be the trait theory due to the fact that the majority of coaches have certain traits such as height, intelligence, and creativity. The second key area of leadership is the power of vision, which consists of predicting the future. The vision that my coaches had consisted of winning a district title and state championship, however, this could only be accomplished by playing together as a team. The third key area of leadership, the power of ethics, differentiates between what it is and why it is important. When it comes to ethics, the coaches taught us not only what was right or wrong when it came to making decisions when we were playing on the football field, basketball court, and the baseball diamond, but also during everyday life situations whether it was at home, school, and amongst our peers. The fourth key area of leadership, the empowerment of people, pertains to those who are in leadership positions instilling confidence in those who are under their supervision. From a coach's standpoint, many players' self esteem and confidence improved when they took an interest in teaching the players how to play a particular sport or understand a subject, either individually or within a group setting.

The fifth key area of leadership is known as leadership principle, which conveys how to become an effective leader? To become an effective leader, you must be yourself, figure out what you are good at, treat people they way you want to be treated, and most



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