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Nissan in 1990

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Essay Preview: Nissan in 1990

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During the 1990s, Nissan faced many problems which included:

• Low brand recognition

• Loss of $1000 for every car sold in the US

• Losses to the tune of $5.5 billion and had debts totaling $19 billion

• Poor product portfolio and diminished brand value

• Market share dropping form 6.6% in 1991 to 4.9% by late 1990s

• Concentration on short-term growth rather than long-term growth

• Product profile was comparatively outdated with old designs while customers were craving stylish designs which the competitors were offering

• $4 billion held in form of shares while purchase cost remained very high, around 20-25% more than that of Renault’s

The second limitation was the Measure used to collect the data

While doing the analysis of the data, we discovered that the data gathered inhibited our ability to conduct a thorough analysis of the results since the respondents did not respond to all the questions. We regret not using force response validation in the survey to ensure respondents responded to all the questions. Revising the data collection method in future research is required to ensure all questions are answered. Since we only surveyed 30 students and our respondents were selected based on a non-probability convenience sample, so there’s a high chance self-selection bias was involved. Therefore, the data obtained may not be representative of the larger population since everyone did not have a likely chance of being selected.

A larger sample size based on a probability sampling method is required to ensure the data is representative of the entire population.

Therefore, our Research Objectives were

o To determine overall satisfaction for the accounting department

o To determine if students felt that their courses are preparing them for the for a career in accounting

o Acquiring suggestions for the improvement of the accounting program

o And what students like and dislike about the accounting program and the courses

Now I would like to call on to talk about the methodology used to carry out the research.



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