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Ad Analysis Paper - Nissan Leaf: Gas Powered Everything

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Essay Preview: Ad Analysis Paper - Nissan Leaf: Gas Powered Everything

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Ad Analysis

Nissan Leaf: Gas Powered Everything

Transportation accounts for more than one-fourth of the United States energy consumption, about seventy-four percent of its motor vehicles (Miller). In the Nissan Leaf commercial, its purpose is, of course, to sell the people the Nissan leaf vehicle because it runs on the power of electric energy instead of gas. To get the audience to buy this type of vehicle the commercial uses strategies that get the audience hooked are image, music/sound effect, and sarcasm. Throughout the commercial the main focus is using the power of gas, so the producers portray the use of gas throughout the commercial.

The main focus of the commercial is to persuade the audience. From the commercial, from where the man wakes up to an alarm clock running on the power of gas to the end of the commercial where they talk about the Nissan Leaf electric car, a person can tell who the audience is going to be right away. The audiences that the Nissan leaf producers are trying to attract are environmentalist, and people who are very conservative, with the way people "treat" the earth. The commercial attracts the type of audience, who are more environmental because of the strategies within the commercial. It helps give the audience the representation as to why electric cars are efficient and why gas powered vehicles are disgraceful.

One of the strategies that show an impact on the way people can see that gas/oil is polluting our world is by the use of image. The two different strategies that go within image is color and expression.

The colors being used in the commercial, to give us a visual representation as to what the earth would look like if everything ran on the power of gas. At the beginning of the commercial there is a color scale of grayness and black, which represents through the commercial as being dull, meaning that the people and the environment look as though they are lifeless and dead. This setting would represent the air pollution from gas emissions around the environment. The color gray has a meaning of loss and depression, and the color black has a meaning of feeling inconspicuous, emptiness, and a mysterious evoking sense of potential and possibility (Favorite-color-meanings). In the beginning of the commercial ad these colors are indicating that these people can be living in a better environment than what they are in now so they are looking for an item that will bring them a source of hope. The Nissan Leaf car has a baby blue/ light blue tone color in the commercial. The baby blue color has a meaning of health, healing, tranquility, and understanding (color-wheel-pro). When the Nissan Leaf car comes into the advertisement is seems as though the environment and the people's presentation have become more alive, brighter, and happier. The meaning behind that is because the beginning of commercial is looking for a sense of hope, passion; the Nissan leaf car brings that hope to the people because they can make a difference in the world with that type of car. That is because the Nissan leaf car is an electric car that does not emit gas emissions into our environment affecting our health and surroundings. The audience then gets the perspective that we can do better for our environment. While there is the image of color that gives the audience a visual representation there is also a visual representation of expression.

The people that are represented in the commercial express an unhealthy and gloomy because they are pale and gaunt. The reason why the people look this way is to express what gas emissions are doing to our earth. In the commercial people are faced with the release of gas emissions getting into their respiratory system, which is the reason as to why the people in the commercial are expressed as unhealthy, gloomy, pale, and gaunt. The Nissan Leaf commercial is providing a visual context with how gas can affect the human body. According to the World Health Organization, one in every six people on earth lives in an area where the air is unhealthy to breathe (Miller). Most of the air that people breathe is being polluted with carbon dioxides are coming from the tail pipes of cars that run on gasoline. Carbon dioxides can cause heart attacks, lung diseases, headaches, drowsiness and mental impairment (Miller). The people in the commercial are all around the carbon dioxide that is represented. In the commercial there was a woman jogging down the street listening to music with head phones plugged into a media device, that runs on gas, and then when the man goes walking by her on his cell phone, that runs



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