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Nitish @ Solutions Case Study

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Essay Preview: Nitish @ Solutions Case Study

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Human Resource Management

Case Analysis

Nitish @ Solutions Unlimited

Group Y1

Ayon Kr Sur 15F512

Maria R Mathew 15F528

Sanjeeta Jain 15F541

Shrish R Bhattacharya 15F547

Wishwazeet Anand 15F560

Problem Statement: 

To decide on how to improve the relationship between Nitish and Meena

Case Synopsis:

Nitish is friendly, out-going person who fails to maintain a good relationship with Meena, the Operations officer, who is also responsible for the HR functionalities of the company Solutions Unlimited, which is a IT services firm who wants to be perceived as a management consultancy firm within 3 years.

Company SWOT analysis:


They have an open work culture where any employee can approach the top management, given he faces any issues. In this case, Mr Manish Chawla (MD), Mr Kapoor (DM) and Mr Khurana (ADM) were very supportive of Nitish during and after the recruitment process. Solutions Unlimited also follows internal referral policy as opposed to other companies which follow recruitment drives. Saving both time and other expenses.


The role of an HR is of utmost importance at Solutions Unlimited, because they are the ones who transfer the referrals to the top management for the final approval. Here we observe that HR doesn’t have the ultimate decision making power. The local HR policies do not align with those followed at the headquarters. The HR policy in place is also not well connected or followed through. The roles of the top human resource management positions are currently being carried out by the operations team.


The top management positions in the Human resource department are vacant. Hence this is a great opportunity for the company to gather new talent because the company is also looking out to change their image from that of an IT service provider to a management consultancy firm. Solutions Unlimited should try to bring in more projects so that they can change to a matrix organisational structure.


When a company is in their transition phase, just as Solutions Unlimited, there is chance that the skills and competency of the employers become irrelevant.


The above mentioned were the problems in relation with the internal organizational environment. However, the company also has to take into consideration the different economic and social factors.

For example, Nitish mentions that he would at least require a salary around Rs 4 lakhs. In 1999, the rule in general was that, salary across India were 50-70% higher than that of the Eastern parts of the country.

An example of the social cause could be that, Nitish had difficulty to maintain the same standard of living as he had had in Jamshedpur.



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