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No one Found Me

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occasionally, a single sleep black crow would land on the splintered, insecure window sill. watching, almost taunting me when it took flight. it was as if it knew that i ached to follow. the window, covered by bars of steel, hid away the mere existence of the world outside, the distant murmur of passing cars in the distance pass me day by day and no one found me...

I was propped upright in the middle of the room; restraints were tight across my chest. I couldn't move. the room was dark, I was blindfolded. a heavy object weighs down my head, the smell of salt water everywhere. A dull throbbing soon grows intense with recognition, overpowering all senses. By now the pain is unbearable; I wish I could slip into a state of unconsciousness, be numb or dead. My body begins to shake and tremble uncontrollably. I hear footsteps in the distance; it's him getting closer.

I hear the screech of something metal. Almost instantaneously I begin to convulse, streams of blood and salivagush down my neck. My hands tighten on the chair, my limbs violently move uncontrollably, dislocating my shoulders from my very own body. My body is burning; I feel my flesh swelling, stretching to the point of breaking. Steams of smoke rises and the sickly sweet smell of burning flesh infuse his chamber. I was left there to die, in my own defecation.

The evil inside him had brought me back to life. Still hazy and disorientated but I could smell him, it was over powering; cigarette smoke and stale beer. I could feel his chilling breathe run down the back of my neck, his beard rough against my cheek as he freed me from the bondages that held me in place. His thick arms wrapped around my fragile, broken body as he threw me across the room. I slowly slipped put of consciousness.

I'm stuck tied down like an animal!



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