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Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin Matrix

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Essay Preview: Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin Matrix

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Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin Matrix

Financial Management in Human Services

August 12, 2013

* Select a nonprofit organization. Witness Org. See it, Film it, Change it.


* What sector does the organization belong to? Chartable, Human Rights organization, non-profit organization.


* Summarize the organizations purpose. Witness is an international non-profit organization. They use the power of video and storytelling to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuse. It wants to empower people to fight injustice and to transform abuse into powerful tools that can pressure those in power or power to act. Their mission is to bring light to injustice and exploitation that might otherwise have continued unfettered.


Money Type Why should the nonprofit organization want this money? Why should not the nonprofit organization want this money?

Government Grants This organization would not want to have this money for their program. They work to fight the injustice of human rights and sometimes certain government agencies. Having governments grants would keep them from doing their job and does not fit into their mission or goals that they have for this organization.

This organization is a nonprofit organization and has tax empts. They use the IRS form 990 or 990-EZ and they make their revue for everyone to see

Foundation Grants Human Rights organization political groups, corporations. They use this money to work in association to help educate and train others to the violence that is around the world. They can use different foundations to help internationally to get the word out. This also helps in paying for equipment and training others. They would only use certain foundations that are in agreement with what they stand for.

Private Giving Individuals, groups. They would like to use this money from them to get others involved and to become more aware of what is going on in the world. People or groups that give might also volunteer to help with the fight against human injustice. I don't think that they would turn down any one's donation.

Social Enterprise-Earned Revenue They could want this to help expand their mission. Generate unrestricted revenue and to build awareness. They might not want this because this program is engaged in improving justice for people they are not in it for a retail operation.




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