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Not Without My Daughter

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Not Without My Daughter

After watching the movie Not Without My Daughter I couldn't believe some of the parts in the movie. The way Moody tricked Betty into going to Iran just to keep her hostage there was horrible. The way men treat women over there is not right. Women have no rights they can't even pick up the phone without getting into trouble by there husband. The women have to do whatever there husband tells them to do without hesitation.

After seeing the way Moody Changed after getting to Iran was really upsetting because the way he treated Betty. He became very controling and became almost a different person to Betty and Mahtob. When he hit Betty the second time it was really hard to watch because the way he was hurting her. Then he said he was going to kill her and draged her outside. The worst part of all this is that Mahtob had to witness this all happening.

The way women is treated there is not right. They are controled by there husband. They have no rights and are treated very poorly. They have to cover there body from head to toe. If they don't then they will get in a lot of trouble. The women always have to ask permission to do something and they can't talk unless spoken. Watchin this movie was very hard to watch because how the women were treated and how they had no rights. This was my opinion on Not Without My Daughter.



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