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Shabanu Daughter of the Wind

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Essay Preview: Shabanu Daughter of the Wind

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The book Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind, mainly takes place in the Cholistan Desert, in Pakistan, near the border of India. In this part of the world, women have a strict lifestyle and life there is very different from life in America. Where we live, women have rights, freedoms, and are considered an equal to men. We are not property nor servants here like women in Pakistan and the surrounding countries are, but we do have some of the same jobs as they do. If this book took place in America, the story would change in some aspects, but stay the same in others.

Women in Pakistan are items that parents pay to get rid of as soon as fertility begins. Marriages are set up many years in advance to the wealthiest man that wants the girl. As soon as the girl is old enough to have children, she is shipped off the this man, that she may or may not know, to be his personal babymaker, punching bag, and slave. If this book took place in America, none of this would be happening. In America, girls may be encouraged to go out with a man, but are never betrothed or married without consent. Women in America are treated equally, not as property, so she wouldn't have to bought by some man. Also, abuse and slavery is illegal in America so she would be free to do whatever she pleases, including spending her days with animals or being a widow with her aunt. Life in America is free, which is all she ever wanted.

Though many things in this book would change, there are a few key components that wouldn't change. One of the major components that would not change is her determination and her strive for a voice. Though in America women have rights and freedoms, it is still hard for us to be heard. She will always want better then what she has and will always want to make things better than before. Another thing that will not change is her cultural inheritance and religion. Even though she would be in another part of the world, she and her family would still have a way of life that is different from others because we all are very different from one another. If she really is a devout muslim, then she will continue following the Islamic faith no matter where she is living.

In the desert, they face drought, sandstorms, and have very different surroundings than people in America. Though in some places, we do face drought and sandstorms, America has access to water almost everywhere you go. Whether it is from wells, tap, or in rain basins, water is almost always accessible. America also has tornados, tropical storms, and hurricanes, unlike the desert. The family would also encounter political debates and elections, since we are a democracy, unlike in their homeland. They have never really had a say in who is their ruler so it would be an exciting experience.

Overall, if the story took place in America, it would change drastically. Would Phulan and Shabanu get married? Would the aunt still be living with her husband?



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