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Nuclear Energy - Drawbacks of Energy Resources

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Essay Preview: Nuclear Energy - Drawbacks of Energy Resources

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Nuclear power

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Drawbacks of energy resources

Dilute Nature of renewable resources means that large area of land or ocean is necessary to accommodate solar collectors. 30km square for a solar PowerStation or 1000 wind mills with 90m blades set 250m apart is required to replace the nuclear power plant on as 1 square km site. The intermittent nature of availability of the energy from energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, etc., is a major setback for the continuous supply of energy. The cost-effective, state-of-art technologies in harnessing renewable energy sources to generate very high power output is not yet fully developed. Examples are solar power plant, wind mill, etc. Limitations of solar energy are the problem of weather conditions, non-availability at night times and high initial investment. Limitations of wind energy are noisy operation, unsteady wind velocity resulting in varying power production, less power to weight ratio. Limitations of tidal energy are high initial cost, long power transmission distances and non-continuous generation of power.

Hydro power Drawbacks

The power produced by hydro-plant depends upon the quantity of water which in the dependent upon the rainfall. The dry year affects the hydro-power generated considerably. Initial cost of the plant is high. Erection of the hydro-plant usually takes a long period of time.

Discussion about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

At 20th century the well knowledge leader has technologies to decades the experiences in nuclear matter in varied aspects. Earth Quake resistant structures of world leader are Japan. The Japanese nuclear emergency has played itself; it is certain that the town of Fukushima in Japan in that familiar hitherto has only few will enter the global nuclear lexicon along the side "Three mile Island and Chernobyl". Under control the nuclear crisis is difficult to predicated by accident and failures while negotiating the safe of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power complex in the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 serious problem in the entire nuclear power.

Working principle

A nuclear power plant differs from a thermal power plant only in the steam generating part. There is no change in the turbine-generator and the condensing system. The nuclear fuel which is at present in commercial use is Uranium. Scientists say that 1 kg of uranium can produce as much energy as can be produced by burning 4500 tones of high grade coal.

Main Components of Nuclear Power

Nuclear Reactor

A Nuclear Reactor may be regarded as a substitute for the boiler furnace of a thermal power plant. Heat is produced in the reactor due to nuclear fission of the fuel Uranium 235.They have types of reactors they are pressurized Water Reactor (P.W.R), Boiling Water Reactor(B.W.R), Heavy Water-Cooled Reactor and Gas Cooled Reactor.

Pressurized Water Reactor

It has primary and secondary circuits. In the primary circuit, the pressurizing tank maintains a constant high pressure in the water in the range of 150 bars. Electrical heating coil in the pressurize boils the water to form steam. The steam is collected in the dome and pressurizes the entire coolant circuit before starting the reactor. The coolant circuit pressure is maintained at a higher level than that of the stream circuit to maintain the coolant at liquid state. The coolant water in the primary circuit gets heated by absorbing



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