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Nuclear Energy

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With the fast development of society, we face the problem of short of energy. It causes a heated discuss about whether we should use to nuclear energy to solve the problem. Some people consider it is a clean and effective way to generating the energy but others think it should be banned totally.

There are several advantages of nuclear energy. First, people can get energy as much as they want from unclear. As the nuclear energy can be man-made, unlike the oil and coal, there is limited supply of it. Therefore we don't need to worry about running out of geothermal resources. Second, less pollution will be produced with nuclear energy. There is no doubt that air will be polluted when using the traditional energy, because coal and oil need to be burn to produce energy. Compared to the traditional ones, nuclear energy is much cleaner. Huge energy is released when large nuclei are split and small nuclei are combined. Since the population will keep increasing, the supporters think nuclear energy is a perfect way for the sustainable development of the society.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of nuclear energy. The first problem is safety. As we all know, the radiation produced by nuclear explosion can be deadly. Once the nuclear reaction loses controlled, hundreds of thousands of people will die. What's more, the nuclear power might be used in a wrong way. To be specific, some nations will develop nuclear weapon instead of energy, which will definitely bring the risk to human being. Finally, nuclear reactors also have waste disposal problems. Since they are fatal, they cannot be throw away like the normal garbage. It is a problem to deal with them because people get killed if they touch the waste. Considering these factors, the objectors assert that as far as safety concerned, nuclear energy should be banned.

After viewing the pros and cons, I have to say nuclear energy has a bright future. It is better than any other types of energy for its clean and efficient and renewable what we are looking for a long time. As the safety problem, I think the disaster can be avoided if we deal with the waste properly. Moreover, the improving technology can help us to tackle the problem sooner or later. When it comes to the nuclear weapon, in my opinion, every coin has two sides. We cannot stop developing just because there are shortcomings among it. Since the globalization, the relationships between countries are becoming closer and closer. It is less likely to have a war than it used to be. In another word, the situation won't be worse if we develop nuclear energy.

In sum, some people think we should develop nuclear energy and get used to it however, the other consider the disadvantage overweighs the advantage. I insist it is not possible to get rid of the nuclear energy and what we should do is try to develop it in a right way.



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