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Nursing Care Plan - Roper, Logan and Tierney Model of Nursing

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Essay Preview: Nursing Care Plan - Roper, Logan and Tierney Model of Nursing

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Nursing Care Plan

Roper, Logan and Tierney Model of Nursing

Originally designed for the model of care, more nurses are aware of the Roper in 1976, has been updated and added to 1981.1980 and 1983 Roper, Logan and Tierney (Tierney and Roper, 2000). This form was used in a wide range of care settings. The model identifies 12 nursing activities of daily life that are related to basic human needs. They argue a "safe environment, communicating, breathing, eating and drinking, eliminating, personal hygiene, controlling body temperature, mobilising, working and playing, expressing sexuality, sleeping and dying" (Siviter 2002).

The nurse will need to be able to assess where there are problems of continuing a sufficient quality and quantity of self-care activity for the patient's health and well-being. The care is delivered to meet the requirements of the patient by means of a care plan "that is put into place on admission." In the process of care and structure of the individualization of care exists. Care plan should also include the client, but very confused with the client, it may be beyond the capabilities of (Siviter 2008).

Issue and Goal

In this article I am going to discuss how to nurse and develop a plan of care in connection with 12 activities of daily living, with "Maintaining a Safe Environment, Communication, Eating and Drinking and Working and Playing" as its main aims. Our patient of nursing care plan is Jake, age 4 years having 95 cm height and 13 Kg weight. On examination we found that Jake is normal in every physical manner but the problems areas we found are he is not social even he is anti social we must say, he is shy and feeling insecure as he was sitting very close to his mother, he lacks communication and above all he needs nutritious food and good eating habit.

Jake's mother informs that the preschool teachers are concerned about his diet as he often refuses to eat his lunch. When we asked Jake about what he likes to eat, he says "McDonald's". On further questioning, we find he generally has cereal for breakfast and Sally stated they eat a lot of take away food as she gets frustrated when she cooks a meal and he will not eat it. She knows he'll eat the take away food. Even then he doesn't eat much.

Nursing Care Plan



Maintaining a Safe Environment

This complex and multi-dimensional AL describes the importance safety plays throughout the life course. 'Environment' refers to the internal (maintained by homeostasis against diseases causing physiological and psychological disturbances) and external influences (everything outside the body influencing health, including accident prevention). It requires a range of external and internal factors (such as level of consciousness, sensory impairments, disability and confusion) to be considered, assessed and planned for (Roper & Tierney 2000).

In Jake's case we need to make him realize that the environment around him is safe and secure. So that he could left his fears and shyness. We need to make him feel easy without forcing to speak or play or study etc.


The nurse assesses the patient's normal ability, language barriers and changes (Roper & Tierney 2000). Jake's first language was English, and was free of sensory impairments preventing effective communication.

I was conscious not to make him feel disturbed and his ability to communicate based on his school performance and everything.

I tailored my communication style to his anxiety. He displayed this through body language and very little speaking or answering only 'yes' or 'no'.

He was not feeling comfortable in making eye contact so I made my conversation looking here and there as if I was not paying so much attention to him. Then I realized he was looking at me and slowly he started feeling relaxed. Even sometimes she smiled at me with a tinge of shyness and as soon as I look at him he stops smiling and start looking at the ground.

I used techniques to encourage Jake to explore his anxiety; including paraphrasing, reflecting and clarifying, and avoided leading questions.




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