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Nursing Plan of Care - Hypertension

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Essay Preview: Nursing Plan of Care - Hypertension

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Nursing Plan of Care

Nursing Diagnosis


Client Outcomes (reasonable, measurable, time specified) (4) Implement

Nursing Orders

(individualized actions, interventions) (3) Implement

Rationale for each action

(Cite author & page number for each rationale) (4) Evaluate

Evaluation (Refer to Client Outcomes; Address each outcome separately)

What else could be done?

Deficicnt knowledge related to self care aspect of hypertension.

Ineffective tissue perfusion related to increase peripheral vascular resistance.

Imbalance nutrition leading to weight gain due to consumption of junk food

Risk of ineffective coping related to lack of desire to quit smoking.

Healthy maintenance, impared


Infective airway clearance r/t sputum production evidenced by dyspnea with effective productive cough

Impared gaseous exchange r/t inflammation effect of the alveolar evidence by hypoxia

Activity intolerance r/t usual sleep pattern due to excessive coughing evidence by exertion dyspnea.

Patient will monitor the diet.

Overweight r/t lack of exercise

Patient to demonstrate correct technique for taking own blood pressure in one week.

Patient to maintain adequate tissue perfusion as evidenced by BP within normal limits at the end of 2 weeks.

Patient will loss weight in 3 weeks .and consult a dietitian within 2 weeks

Patient will verbalize how smoking affects the blood vessels 2 days after teaching session.

Patient to demonstrate good hygine in caring of one self.

Client display patent airway with clear breath sound absence of dyspnea or cyanosis in next 30minutes

Patient will demonstrate optimal gas exchange .patient will have absence of cyanosis

Patient will indentify factors that reduce activity tolerance

Patient will avoid food with to much sodium,and do without junk food.

Patient will loose weight




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