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Nutritiion and Cherries

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Essay Preview: Nutritiion and Cherries

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Part A

For this discussion I chose cherries. I mainly chose them because it is something I eat regularly and one that I enjoy.

1. 1. One cup of cherries with pits (138g), contains 87 kcal with 1.46 protein and lipid (fat) 0.28 however they contain no sodium or cholesterol with on a trace amount of saturated fat 0.5 g. (National Nutrient Database )

2. 2,With 21.2 g of carbohydrates that would make them a great source to supply the cells with fuel. A carbohydrate has the primary function to provide energy. It consists of 1 oxygen, 2 hydrogen, and 1 carbon atoms. The most important to us is glucose which has 6 atoms. .

3. 3. To aide in elimination the body needs fiber which cherries supply 2.9 g. This means they are a great source to getting the daily total of fiber intake.

4. 4.They contain Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin C and A and Iron

5. 5.Cherries contain high sugar content (17.69g) or Fructose which is a simple monosaccharide that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream during digestion.

Part B

According to the USDA cherries contain 82.25 percent water. (National Nutrient Database) Water is the compound that is composes of two elements hydrogen and oxygen H20. These two physical properties are special for humans and all living things upon the earth. It carries nutrients, minerals and dissolves salt and elements that block healing and growth as well as disposes the waste material and helps the cooling and cleansing of our bodies. Our bodies depend upon this to maintain temperature and we must have it in order to maintain good health. When the body is dehydrated it can lead to less energy, your mood and your memory can become sluggish and it can reduce the oxygen flow to the brain and other organs of the body. Even mild dehydration can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness and other things. . (National Nutrient Database) It promotes healthy skin when the person is dehydrated the skin has less elastic, it helps with digestion, has no calories, carbohydrates, sugars, or protein but it is a necessary part of human life as well as plant life. It is a common fact that a body can survive a while without food but will perish with water in just a short time.

Part C

Water is the universal solvent for many critical substances that are used in cells. They contain carbohydrates which is used and stored as fuel as well as provide some calcium which is needed for the building or strong bones and muscles and promote bone health. You will find traces of amino acids and minerals and they are a good source for vitamin C and A. Cherries are also high in phytosterols which are useful in aiding to lower cholesterol



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