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Nutrition Case Study

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Essay Preview: Nutrition Case Study

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My client is a 25 year old male who wants to improve his fitness and be more nutritional endowed. What I found in the questionnaires was that my client is a good client meaning that he has some basic knowledge about nutrition but has a sweet trouble with snacks always being around, like in the office and at home. My client is very motivated to begin nutrition and training plane, he is an intermediate client that has done most of the exercises before. He has been going to the gym for 3 years but has lost some motivation do to his wife having a baby and is now pregnant again. He has a hard time finding time to go to the gym because of baby appointment and spending time with his family. His outcome goals are to lose 20 lbs within 20 weeks. I will record all assessments because they all have great information that can be helpful if not now maybe later. I am going to suggest that my client get rid of all the junk food in the house and limit social interactions where eating and sweets are because he is very influential. My Nutritional plan for my client is to consume 2700 calories on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This will be his high calorie days and on the other days he will consume 2300 calories. I would also suggest that he take a protein supplement before and after workouts. I would also like to see my client twice a week to discuss his calorie intake and his progress. If we see a plateau in his weight lose I would insure that he was following his calorie intake accordingly. If he was then I would decrease his calorie intake by 250 calories and if that doesn't work I would increase his exercise intensity. If my client decides to change his goal I would have to ask him why his is changing his goals. If he is sure that that is what he wants to do then I will help him in any way that I can I will be there for my client. In conclusion my client has some high goals that can be achieved with some help from his nutritionist. Every bodies body reacts to different scenarios, not everyone is the same so there might have to be some so changes made to get the outcome that my client wants.



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