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Oberoi Hotel

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2nd January 2012: Economics Time: 2-5 pm

Total Number of Questions :8

Solve any 5 out of 8

Each question is worth 12marks

Question/Portion given by Prof.Chitra


1. Explain the following concepts of cost:- fixed, variable, total, average, marginal, opportunity, implicit and explicit

2. Explain behaviour of short run cost curves, with the help of a table and a suitable diagram.

3. Explain behaviour of long run cost curves and why is long run cost curve is explained with different meaning.

4. What are the different types of revenues and how is the behaviour of revenue curve under different market scenarios such a perfect competition or imperfect market.

5. Define the following market structure and explain their features in detail

a. Perfect competition

b. Monopoly

c. Monopolistic competition

d. Oligopoly

6. What are the conditions for equilibrium under different market structure.

7. What is break even analysis and explain profit and loss zone under break even analysis along with assumptions.

8. What is capital budgeting? What it needs? Its importance?

9. What are various methods of project planning

10. Define trade cycle or business cycle and explain its various phases

11. How is equilibrium determined under perfect competition in short run

12. What is super normal profit

13. How is equilibrium determined in a monopoly market(supernormal profit)

14. What is price discrimination and how is price discriminated in monopoly

15. Explain dumpling as a special case of price discrimination

16. Explain or discuss the various pricing methods or techniques.

All the question are marked in the Xerox handed out to you, the Xerox specifies the question number.

3rd January 2012: Operation Management Time: 11am-2pm

All portion expected

*including sums which we had in the mid-term viz. AON,AOA,Crashing,PERT

*Theory and Sums taught by Prof.Kabre and

*Portion taught by Prof.Kandvile

4th January 2012: Perspective Management Time 11am-1pm

There will be 5 questions, solve any 3 out of those 5

Kindly refer all PPT's which have been put up on Hotmail for the bullets but for answers refer Koontz.

4th January 2012: Information for ITfor Management Time 11am-2pm

Will get the paper pattern confirmed asap.

Questions given



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