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Objective Moral Facts

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Objective Moral Facts 2

Scenario: Tom and Jane are expecting their first child; they are debating the morality of teaching their child that Santa Claus exists. Contrast any 3 belief systems discussed in the course and the answers that they would provide for Tom and Jane. There are many tactics to teaching children that Santa Claus exists and many parents approach this in different ways.

If Tom and Jane had a chance to talk with Kant, cant would say that tell the childe the truth for that lying is just that "lying". It is unethical to lie to your loved ones, weather you are protecting them or not; for Tom and Jane's dilemma they should let the childe think that there is a Santa Claus for the childes toddler years and as they grow they should tell the child the truth. That Santa Clause is a tradition story to let children have a great Christmas and at one point in time Santa Clause was real in a way. Bentham would say yes make your child believe your lies, such as that Santa Clause is real and let the childe find out as they get older that there is really no such thing as Santa Clause. Bentham would also hide the fact that you do not have to teach your child about Santa Clause and that you can crush there hopes in Christmas spirit as well. Kant would be right to tell Tom and Jane that teaching their children the stories of Santa Clause, because it is a tradition all around the world (depending on one's religion). It is morally wrong to make a child think that there is no such thing as fairy tails such as "Santa Clause", for that is there to make children happy and not corrupted by all the horrid stores out there. If you think about it "Little Red Riding Hood" is a scary story and not a happy good bed time story.

Tom and Jane would have to look at their religion and what they believe is right to teach their children, if they so wish to each there child about Santa Clause then they shale do just that. It's really not a matter of right and wrong, it's a matter of teaching their children history and religion if they so choose to. The definition of Santa Clause is someone that is imaginary, who is

Objective Moral Facts 3

set out to give gifts to children all over the world to wake up to on Christmas day with smiles on their faces. People stick with this story to let children have fun on such holiday, they go out and about and see Santa Clause every year and sit on his lap to let him know what they truly would like for Christmas. The parents would here (find out) and then possibly go and get there child that gift, wrap it and then set it under the Christmas tree with their name on it saying from Santa.

In my eyes one can choose to go with Kant's beliefs, Bentham's beliefs, morally right and wrong, ethically right or wrong; but in the end it is up to that one individual's decision and



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