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Olive Garden Evaluation

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Olive Garden

Olive Garden restaurant is a well-known restaurant that has a variety delicious Italian dish. Last weekend's visit showed that Olive Garden does a lot to keep their customers happy and make them want to come back. People seem to enjoy the experience of dining at the Olive Garden because the environment is pleasant, the food is awesome, and the service is excellent.

As soon as the guests walk in this restaurant, they get a great sense of relaxation. With all the decorations it makes guests feel like they are in Italy. The casual clothing lets people feel tranquil and more like home. The laughs and loud conversations give the feeling that being with a large Italian family while eating great food really is always a plus. While parking in the parking lot, the first thing that catches the guest's eye is the beautiful landscaping and how well it was maintained. Olive Garden is overall very well maintained and clean.

Furthermore, Olive Garden offers a wide variety menu of Italian specialties. The server usually starts the guests off with an appetizer. Next they offer the soup or salad, and breadsticks while the guests take their time to look at the menu and order. A common meal that most people order is the "chicken alfredo." It's creamy white fettuccine alfredo. People are very satisfied the appetizers, the all you can eat salad and breadsticks, and a small tour of Italy.

Lastly, the services at the Olive Garden grab my attention. As soon as the guests walked through the door we heard, "welcome to Olive Garden". They usually escort you to your table and asked for the drink order. The drinks and food is taken in an appropriate manner. The server seemed very well-informed of the menu and very respectful as well. He had a great attitude that makes people feel comfortable with them. As guests eat their meal the server usually comes twice to check on the customers and give them refills. While dining at the Olive Garden the service was phenomenal. The server stays very alert and takes great care of customers.

The experience is always great and customers will always continue to visit this restaurant .The Olive Garden restaurant makes the best out of everyone's visit. During this the environment was pleasant, the food delicious, and the service was excellent. As Olive Garden continues to treat their customers like family, this well-known Italian restaurant will remain their favorite.



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