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Online Learning System Manual

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Classroom Page

2.1. Course Materials

2.2. Discussions Forums

2.3. Moving through the classroom

2.4. Useful Links

2.5. Assignments page

2.6. Grades

3. Library Page

3.1. University Library

3.2. Media Library

3.3. EBooks

3.4. Center for Writing Excellence

3.5. Center for Mathematics Excellence

4. Program Page

4.2. Degree Progress

4.3. My Program

4.3.1. Schedule and Grades

4.3.2. Transfer Credits

4.3.3. Program Credits

4.3.4. Official Withdrawal

4.3.5. Academic Catalog

4.3.6. Student Code of Conduct

4.4. Services

4.5. Credit Assessment Services

4.6. Publications

4.7. About University of Phoenix

4.8. Program Contacts

5. PhoenixConnect Page

5.2. Overview

5.3. Tutorials

5.4. University Directory

5.5. Communities

5.6. Groups

5.7. Blogs

5.8. PhoenixConnect

1. Introduction

Welcome to the "Online Learning System Manual" created to assist you in getting the most out of your online study at the University. This manual will cover the following sections:

* Classroom

* Library

* Program

* PhoenixConnect

In each of these sections, the manual will describe uses for each section. It is design to help you find information and resources in the online learning system at the University of Phoenix.

2. Classroom

The classroom tab is the opening portal to your own personal University of Phoenix (UoP) world. This is where you will get assignments, interact with class members, turn in your assignments, obtain study materials and many other tools to help you on your way to becoming a University of Phoenix Graduate. In the classroom, there are many places to go and while it may seem overwhelming at first, you will get used to it very quickly.

2.1 Course Outline

After you have signed in with your personal Identification name and password you will come to the home screen here, you are able to choose which classroom you want to enter to proceed into that particular classroom. Associates Degree's have two classes per block while Bachelor's to Doctoral only have one. Pick your class and let us get started.

When you enter your classroom, what you will see is a personalized page just for what you are studying at the time. There are many factors that make up the classroom you have your OLS or Online Learning System. First Look to the left side of your screen, there you will see your Course Outline.

2.2. Course Descriptions

This box outlines what your week-by-week assignments will cover. You are able to find in depth descriptions of the weeks learning goals just by clicking Topic 1: Computer System. There it will tell you what you will learn along with everyone else in your class that week. It will give you a brief description as well as the materials to get you on your way. If you notice the Course Overview as well as policies and the needed software as well as notes and other services that are there for personal use to help you with whatever you need to use to succeed. Next is your Course description.

This is your week-by-week materials, books, and outlines of what you will be covering for the week. Each week outlined each page as you see there is an opportunity to print out this page as is very well advised because this you will need to refer back to weekly.

Course Description provides students with materials needed to complete weekly objectives. This you will need especially if the class refers to a lab each week for assignment you will find that link here on this page under the Supplemental Resource(s). This is a very important part of your classroom because all of your study materials are online based and this is where you will find your weekly reading material. When needed just click on the required reading, the material will download and will open automatically in Adobe PDF Reader. Again if you do not have this program you can download it from your "Course Outline" section of the Classroom Page. Because the Classroom has so much information in it already, you might need a few extra links that will help you along. When on the Classroom page if you look to your far right you will see useful links that will help you along in your classes.

2.3. Useful Links

In this box, you will see the Center for Mathematics Excellence. When taking your math classes these is very useful with tutorials and live tutoring for current math students who just need the extra push. The Center for Writing Excellence is one of the most used links because it has an array of great tools for those APA formatted papers, such as guidelines, a Reference and Citation Generator and most importantly you can turn your paper in for a Plagiarism Check, The University takes plagiarism very seriously and has a very low tolerance for it, it is very advised to use the Plagiarism Checker as often as possible.

2.4. Moving Through the Classroom

Moving through the OLS Classroom can seem confusing at first. This section will serve as a guide to help students



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