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System User Sample - Vr online Shopping

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Essay Preview: System User Sample - Vr online Shopping

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System User

VR Online Shopping


                   Seasonal Users



                   Regular Users

Elderly Users

Adolescents User

College Users

[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]

[pic 5]


User Category

Design Implication

Elderly Users

- Provide option for enhance visual and audio aid for better shopping experience.

Regular Users

- Online stores recommendation

- Notification option for online store discounts.

College Users

- University and college online bookstore integration

Adolescent Users

- Parent monitoring option

- Shopping content restriction

Seasonal Users

- Seasonal sales recommendation option

First, the adolescent users prefer to spend most of their time with social networking, games etc. They are less likely to spend their time online shopping platform. If they were to shop via the online shopping platform, we are planning to implement parent monitoring option. The parent monitoring option allows parents to setup their child account under their parents account. Parents can monitor and restrict shopping content for the child.

The seasonal users do not shop regularly but they will only shop during the seasonal shopping sales. We intend to introduce the seasonal sales recommendation option whereby the users browse for a product/service and the online shopping platform instantly recommends same product but for a much lower price.

The college users as well very less likely to spend their time on online shopping platform but they do spend their time on online bookstores. Therefore, we have plans to integrate universities and colleges online bookstore into our online shopping platform so they could purchase their course books and notes online.



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