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Operations Research Case Study-Jpplastics

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Essay Preview: Operations Research Case Study-Jpplastics

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Case Study on Operations Research

by Neeraj Joshi

JPS Plastic Company - Work Optimization

Table of Contents


1.1 The Background Page 3

1.2 Problem Formulation Page 4

1.3 Solving using TORA Page 6

1.4 TORA FILE Page 11

1 Case Study in Linear Programming

This is a real time problem from my uncle's JPS plastic company. I've tried using Linear Programming to figure out the optimal solution for Production of small packing box and Tiffin box at JPS Plastics.

1.1. The Background

JPS plastics started as a small stall selling plastic sheets to whole-sales plastic manufacturers about 22years ago. Currently, the firm JPS Plastics has an annual turnover of more than 2.5crore.

NOW, JPS plastics are engaged in the business of manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Pet Blow Moulding Machines. JPS Plastics also provide Pet Bottle Mould & related plastic products like small packing boxes and Tiffin boxes. These products are widely accepted for high performance, durability, corrosion resistance, hygiene, light weight and leakage resistance.

JPS Plastics manufacturing unit is divided into two sections wherein one fabricates the machines and other manufactures the plastic products. These units are equipped with modern and costly machines. They also have an in-house resource to design & modify machines as per product requirements.

1.2 The problem Formulation

JPS Plastics is involved in the production of two key items, namely small packing boxes and Tiffin boxes.

The required resources need to produce small packing box and Tiffin box are twofold, namely machine time for systemic automatic processing and worker time for hand finishing of the products.

I've tried creating a table below giving the number of minutes required for each item:

Machine time Worker time

Small packing box 13min 20min

Tiffin Box 19min 29min

They have 40 hours of machine time available in the coming working



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