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Oprah Winfrey as a Leader

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Essay Preview: Oprah Winfrey as a Leader

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Oprah Winfrey as a Leader

In the present , there are many social icons that became very much influential because they symbolize social values and cultural idea . In this aspect , some people are being idolized and patronized by the public because they are able to represent a positive nature admired by the people through their story of experience and existence . Through building up the courage to stand forth against their obstacles and hindrances they are able to accomplish their life 's goals and personal dreams and through sharing their own story of success

, they become an inspirational icon to the public for virtue of courage and determination

One of the many present social icons that inspired the present society is the modern day entrepreneur , media broadcast personality , literary enthusiast , and an advocate of charity and educational foundation Oprah Winfrey . Her works and life story have been able to affect and inspire many lives cultivating in them the spirit of courage and determination to realize their dreams and accomplish them against all odds similar to what she did . The factual events and experiences in her past have shown the people how to strive and not be held back by the pitfalls of personal mistakes and use these mistakes to the advantage of the person Indeed , Oprah Winfrey has able to establish an example of success for the people

The story behind the life of Oprah Winfrey is not all positive and bright . She also went through many trials and challenges before so achieve what she is now in the present . In the early years of her career , she was able to stand in front of the camera as an individual pretending to a famous personality . She admitted that she has to fake her personality and culture to adapt to her subject and this became a hard job for her . Because of her work , she faced many criticism and cruel comments from the society and from herself . Finally , she was able to summed up all of her courage and compose again herself to pursue her real dreams of becoming a significant individual through her own talent and not through impersonating others

Through the inspiration that she has set now in the present trend of social values and culture , Oprah Winfrey indeed established herself as a perfect example of a social leader . With the inspiration that she has set through sharing her life story and giving her views and idea towards other 's experiences , Oprah Winfrey has able to influence many lives to be successful in their own field . Her leadership style of manifesting as a symbol for the people established her influence to the society . Her use of her charismatic nature , appealing personality and journalism talent made her story much more exceptional . Indeed , Oprah Winfrey has displayed in herself the characteristics of an ideal



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