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Organizational Development as Seen in Toy Story

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Essay Preview: Organizational Development as Seen in Toy Story

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Toy Story 3 involves a group of toys who have mistakenly been donated to a daycare when their owner, Andy goes to college. They have lived with their owner till now and feel abandoned, and upset. They meet a large group of toys at the daycare and are welcomed with open arms, feeling happy. The leader of the daycare toys, Lotso and his henchmen Big Baby and Ken, trick the newcomers into living in the "Butterfly Room". This room is where children under 5 go to "play" and destroy toys. Woody, determined to return to Andy, heads off on a quest home. This results with him ending up with another girl named Bonnie before eventually landing himself back at the daycare. Woody joins with his friends once again and they form an escape plan to get away from Lotso and his evil reign. Woody reveals a secret about Lotso, which upsets Big Baby who then throws Lotso into the trash, grabbing Woody along the way. Before they can escape the garbage can, a truck comes and takes them away to the dump. The other toys head off on an adventure to save Woody and return home to Andy.

Team Type

In Toy Story 3, there a number of different team types shown. Woody, Buzz, Lotso and the other toys belong to a management team, project team, and an action team.

Woody and Buzz are the leaders in their management team. They coordinate activities such as at the beginning where they escape from the garbage bag and decide to climb into the donation box from a daycare. Woody follows in an attempt to convince the toys that they are still wanted by Andy and they should go home. They tell each of the toys what they should do in regards to each project based on group needs. Andy's toys also form a project team since each of the toys have an expertise because of how they are built. For example, Slinky is bendable and can wrap around almost anything. He is often used as an escape from tall heights. The group only has a few days to get back to their home before Andy goes the college. This creates an action team where they deal with complex tasks to get home on a time restraint. Nearing the end of the movie, the team must work together to escape from the incinerator. This is complex since all of their lives are in danger and they must decide whether or not to save Lotso while on a time limit.

Lotso and his group of henchmen form a management team as they often coordinate activities around the daycare. Lotso is the team leader who tells Big Baby and Ken what to do.

Team Effectiveness

Yes, the team of Andy's toys was an effective team since in the end they save Woody, and get home to Andy. They work together for a common goal and all of their needs are met. The members may not always agree with each other but they are always committed. Meanwhile we see that Lotso's team falls apart because he only



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