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Organizational Trends - High-Performance Workplaces and Organizations

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Essay Preview: Organizational Trends - High-Performance Workplaces and Organizations

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Organizational Trends

Executive Summary

Organizational trends within an organization and in the workplace are ongoing and endless in today's challenging business world. Team A will explain the following: characteristics of high-performance, how high-performance differs from traditional organizations regarding operational effectiveness, workplace stress, and organizational dynamics within an organization and in the workplace. This executive summary will also suggest strategies for managing stress and discuss developing trends in organizational behavior linked to techniques in high-performance workplaces and stress management (University of Phoenix, 2010).

High-Performance Workplaces and Organizations

Development Dimensions International in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania defines a high-performance organization (HPO) as "one in which the culture provides employees with the accountability and responsibility necessary to meet customer needs in a timely manner to ensure business success." According to researchers and scholars characteristics of high-performance organizations vary (Suleyman, pg. 155-174, 2010).

Characteristics of a high performance organization that help it function and be successful.


* Boundaries clearly defined and direction

* Acknowledgement of good work

* Employee happiness results in customer satisfaction

* Responsibility given to lower levels of the organization

* Employee retention ensures training effectiveness

* Valued communication competency at all levels

* Celebrations and games

* Honesty

* Flexibility for home life

* Progressive technology

Operational Effectiveness

Decentralization allows decision-making to be made by those who are at the frontlines of the organization. Traditional centralized organizations require more time for information to go up through the line of authority and come back again. Decisions by people who do not understand what is going on in the area of traditional central organizations can and usually result in poor decisions.

Workplace Stress

High performance organizations use studies to bring employees back to their childhood when he or she was creative and happy. Creative and happy employees experience less stress in the workplace. Organizations that celebrate birthdays once a month or have company parties or softball teams create a positive atmosphere and higher productivity.

Organizational Dynamics

Businesses are more employee-oriented. When employees believe their secure and happy, they stay longer and become more productive. Decentralization of businesses is more prevalent because of the empowerment of lower-level employees. Flexibility generated from decentralized organization makes changing easier in a global market.

Strategies for Managing Stress

In the last couple of years, the economy has added extra stress to workplaces. Employees have trouble managing the challenges of



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