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Personality Assessment Paper

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I have chosen the following topics for my Personality Assessment Papers, which are Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, Rorschach, and Popular Magazines. I choose these three topics as I found them very interesting, as they correspond to the field of Psychology.


It was in 1949, that Raymond Cattell, who is known as being the first person to publish the first edition of the Sixteen Factor Questionnaire. The Sixteen Factor Questionnaire , and is used by professionals in both the business field and the field of psychology as a assessment tool, that they use to measure a person's personality, to be used to help the person in their career and also to study the persons behavior.

The way Dr. Cattell, utilized his responses by the clients that the Sixteen Factor Questionnaire was used for, is by the standardized scores from the persons responses, of their personal factors, and added to these are the Five Global Factors scores, which are also computed to obtain the persons individual scores.

The Sixteen Personality Factors Questionnaire assess the following personal personality in the below areas;

1. Tension

2. Perfectionness

3. Social Boldness

4. Emotional Stability

5. Apprehensiveness

6. Openness to Change

7. Self Reliance

8. Reasoning

9. Rule Consciousness

10. Abstractedness

11. Warmth

12. Dominance

13. Vigilance

14. Liveliness

15. Privateness

16. Sensitivity

When these sixteen traits are analyzed, they have revealed the Five Global Factors, which will describe the individual's personality at their border level. With these Five Global Factors, this will show the individuals personality relationships. The Five Global Factors include;

1. Anxiety

2. Independence

3. Self Control

4. Tough Mendes

5. Extraversia

Professionals have found that the Sixteen Factor Questionnaire is a very valuable to for assessing a person's personality, especially in many different settings, such as in a certain type of industry sets or a business setting. The Sixteen Factor Questionnaire tool for facilitating the persons personality and the personal selection of the persons qualities that they posse, as these qualities can influence how a person behaves, what type of behaviors they exhibit, in their career or in their personal lives, as in their personal techniques and also as in their ability to problem solve, efficiently and then in their interpersonal style. The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire is also felt to be a very useful tool in the area of Institute for Personality and Ability Testing. In the area of IPAT, in which the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire offers the professionals reports on the interpretation of a person's personality traits and can be seen in a clinical aspect of the persons total personality traits.

In the clinical aspect, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, is an assessment tool that provides the professionals, in their given field to have the insight needed for the information to the persons personality and how this will affect how effective that the individual will be with success in their given careers or vocational choices, based on the individuals personality. The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire is a very valuable and reliable tool to the professionals who have the need to use it.


In 1921, this is known to be the first time that Herman Rorschach's



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