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Personal Strengths and Limitations

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Essay Preview: Personal Strengths and Limitations

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Personal Strengths and Limitations

I am Bradley Garrant and I am full of many strengths. My strengths are very organized, responsible, respectful, athletic, and very easy going. I would consider myself organized because I have to balance my school work and baseball. I have to make sure I am keeping my grades up and I have to produce on the baseball field so I can continue to play. I am responsible because I haven’t missed any of my classes for any reason except baseball and those are excused. I make sure I get up every morning and get to class on time. I make sure to get all of my work done on time and to the best of my ability. I am respectful because I never disrespect my teachers or coaches and anything they ask me to do I do it with a smile on my face and the way they want it done. I am athletic because I have been playing baseball since I was about 4 years old and I played football from when I was 6 to sophomore year of high school. I am usually able to play any sport because I am pretty well educated on most sports. I am a very easy going person because I can get along with most people because I believe if someone shows my respect I will show them respect and I am willing to give everyone a chance. I like to meet new people each day and find out new things about them each day. I have played on many different sports team and had to get along with a lot of people and make them like brothers to me and I think this is a good example of good teamwork which I think is very important in any workplace.

My limitation would consist of public speaking the reason I would consider this as a limitation would be whenever I have to give a presentation in a class or talk in front of a big group of people I get nervous and my voice starts to shake a little bit. I have gotten better with public speaking over the years but there is always that little thing of fear and nervousness that I still feel when I about to get up in front of a bunch of people. I think this is common in a lot of people and I think the way to conquer this fear would be to get up in front of big groups as much as possible and just keep working at it until you can do it naturally. This is what I believe my strengths and limitations would be.



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