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Personal Success

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Success can be defined in many different ways because the ultimate definition of success is also a personal definition. We as individuals get to decide what success is because we each think differently about being prosperous in life. My three most important success aspects are having formal education, having a career and family.

Formal education is my first most important aspect of success because having formal education means having good knowledge on something you want to pursue in life. Don’t get me wrong we all have knowledge and we can all learn on our own and get more knowledge but having a formal education have a valued knowledge. Even though some believe that formal education isn’t a part of success I believe otherwise. I believe that having a high level of formal education helps pursue my success in life. Having formal education is important to me in order to consider myself successful because it is one of my long-term goals to have a Master degree in something I want to major in. I made that one of my long-term goals because the value education level is changing. This means that with just having a High school diploma or even an Associate degree you cannot have a stable career. In order to believe I am successful I have to reach my long-term goal of formal education and in order to do that I need stay in school and try my best to finish all my units successfully. I want to be able to transfer within two years to a good UC or State college and continue to stay focus and make this long-term a priority. I consider this aspect to be the most important aspect of success because learning is a fundamental activity in a successful life just by accomplishing this it opens a lot of new opportunities. This aspect of success leads to what I think is the second most important aspect of success which is having a career.

Having a career is something I consider to be an important aspect of life because it is the most time-occupying aspect of your life. I will not consider myself fully successful until I have a career because it is what will put everything together. Having a career is not like having just a regular retail job, it consist of doing what you love the most and getting paid good money for it. When you have a career that means you have good money and when you have good money you are financially stable meaning you don’t have to worry about having financial problems. When a person has a career they already individually have a better aspect of life rather than not having a career and hating your job or wondering what you are going to do with your life. I believe that having a career is an aspect of success because you are basically set and get to live your life. You do not just get your career you have to work for it. My career goal is to be a pediatric physical therapist and in order to do that I would have to finish college and intern somewhere and gain experience and knowledge. I consider this to be a long-term goal



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