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Personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Described by Big 5 Personality Model

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Essay Preview: Personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Described by Big 5 Personality Model

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Personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton described by die Big 5 Personality Model

Kim Hyang

UUNG5200 Organisational Behaviour

Bernhardett Theron

Dec 04, 2016 (Dec 09, 2016)

1. Introduction

The United States of America had a general election at the end of 2016. There has been enormous focus on the 2 candidates hoping to become President in November being Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have created history. One is the first female presidential candidate in the history of the United States. The other one is an outsider in politics and has no public experience in the big party candidate. Both have different personalities. Today we talk about the personalities of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and explain their behavior in terms of the Big 5 Personality Model.

The Big Five traits include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience (Matthews & Matthews 2003).

[pic 1] (Source: Boundless 2016)


2.1Donald Trump

2.1.1 High Extraversion & Extremely low agreeableness


The character of Donald Trump is beyond all the expectations of an American President. Extraversion score is too high and agreeableness is extremely low. Donald Trump plays a role of a very out-going, energetic and leading society. He was unremitting self-improvement, restless and unable to meditate. Now he is still participating in rallies, interviews and active in social media in the USA.

High degree of extraversion is mainly reflected in the continuous pursuit of return. High extraversion performers struggle to pursue a positive emotional experience, whether these experiences from social recognition, reputation or wealth (Christopher 2014). In fact, a high degree of extroversion recognizes that the pursuit process is more satisfying than actually achieving it. Barbara Walters a millionaire asked Trump whether he was willing to accept the appointment that not through the campaign for the US presidency, Donald Trump said: “It’s the hunt that I believe I love” (D’Antonio 2016).

Donald Trump's agreeableness is more extreme than its extroversion, but the direction is opposed. Agreeableness can be said to be the most precious character of the human world, it is relevant with the level of the performance of the care, love, gentle, courteous and kind (Meierding 2005). However, the agreeableness is concerned with getting along with others and overall style of going on with the world. The less agreeableness is often described as apathy, rudeness, arrogance, and lack of compassion (Donley 2016). If Donald Trump does not score very low on this personality traits, there is no one lower than him.

Trump's social ambition and aggressive tendencies is from in his early life. (According to his own account, he had beat a second-year music teacher and made her black and blue (Evon 2016). At the early 1980s, vice president of Manhattan's Trump Tower construction Barbara Res said Trump's sentimental heart is anger. "As far as the anger is concerned, that’s real for sure. He’s not faking it," (Daly 2016).  Res told The Daily Beast in February. "The fact that he gets mad, that’s his personality” (Daly 2016). Actually, anger may be the emotion behind his extravagant and low-agreeableness, but it can also inspire social dominance and win someone else's favor. In conjunction with the right humor (which may be offensive), anger is the core of Trump's charm. In addition, anger permeated all his political words.

President Trump may be desperate for a good return, and the return is as he said that the United States to be re-great. As a real estate developer, Trump certainly took a lot of risk, but in the last century 90 years after setbacks, his business style has become more conservative. As a result of the huge risks, he could (and actually do) show off the luxury of the city center, luxury golf courses and personal fortune (estimated to be billions of dollars). Obviously, all this brought him a great spiritual reward.  Moreover, since he is perceived to be less ideological than most candidates (political observers note that he seems conservative on some issues, liberal on others (Astra 2016). He could easily change his stance and leave room for negotiations and mediation with Congress and foreign leaders. On the whole, however, he cannot avoid risk of decision- making.

However, the real card is Donald Trump's agreeableness - or precisely the lack of agreeableness. There has never been an unappealing US president like Donald Trump in history. This may not a bad thing. For example, President Nixon had a lower affinity and had an advantage in dealing with bargain opponents in international affairs. Like Nixon is a less agreeable decision-makers and he is unyielding, pragmatic, calm and rational in international affairs. Trump seems to have a similarly tough and strategic pragmatic stance, but calm and reason seems never to fit him, perhaps because Trump's nasty seems to be driven by anger.

Studies have shown that people with low levels of agreeableness are often seen as untrustworthy. Dishonesty and deception had brought down the Nixon, also undermined the presidential system. It is generally believed that all politicians lie or at least hide. Donald Trump seems to have reached an extreme. The PolitiFact website estimates the authenticity of the 2016 presidential candidate's campaign statement, and as a result, only 2% of Trump's words are true, 7 % are almost true, 15% are half true, 15% nearly false, 42% false, 18% are absolute lies. Trump reached 75% when add up the last three (from almost false to absolute lies( - Connecting People Through News 2016). The numbers for Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Hillary were respectively 66%, 32%, 31% and 29% ( - Connecting People ThroughNews 2016).

2.1.2 Open to experience


 If you have seen the movie Home Alone, there has a Central Park in New York. Central Park has a public skating rink. 

From 1980, the New York City government spent six and a half years to maintain the ice rink and spent $ 13 million .But result is from a usable ice rink into a concrete pond with no cooling effect.

This municipal project has become a stigma of New York City at that time. Trump's building is not far away, each time Trump can see many workers sitting on the ice rink chatting, just do not know how to complete this project.



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