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An Analysis of Donald Trump as Us President

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Essay Preview: An Analysis of Donald Trump as Us President

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Donald John Trump was elected as the 45th US President on 8 November 2016 against Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is an American businessman, a politician and a television personality. He was announced as Republican candidate in June 2015. He is 113 richest person in US and 324 richest person in the worth and his net worth is $4.5 billion. He is the wealthiest and oldest person to be the president if US at the age of 70, without any government or military services. (DONALD J TRUMP, n.d.)

Trump’s Policy Plans

Republican Donald Trump had announced many policy plans that he wanted to implement before taking position as President. They are:


Trump has stated that International Trade agreements is declining the jobs for US workers and also decreasing country’s competitiveness. He has stated a withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is not finalized yet and also said he would be raising tariffs on countries such as China.

Trump has also said that the North American Free Trade Agreement would either be renegotiated or completely scraped which stops the free trade deal between Canada and Mexico. Both Canada and Mexico are ready to renegotiate.

This will have a drastic damage to the economy because it would increase the price of all the commodities and the US citizens would have to pay more for everything. US exports will also suffer such as their competency in airlines, soybeans etc.

Trump is also thinking of deporting 3 million immigrants in US illegally and have criminal records and also people from countries compromised with terrorism. He is also thinking of building a wall along the border of Mexico. There are almost about 820,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records according to report by Think Tank Migration Policy Institute.

The policy of building wall itself would cost $8-$12 billion and it would cost at least $166 billion to deport all the illegal immigrants according to Politico. Many of the Republicans are in support of this but worried about the cost.

Withholding the federal funds from cities such as New York and Los Angeles is planned to stop funding people who are illegally in the country. Trump is trying to decrease the overall immigration in US which means less number of skilled workers which would affect drastically the business in US. (TRUMP POLICIES, n.d.)

[pic 2] (trump policies, n.d.)


Trump is trying to go against the Obamacare which is Obama’s signature affordable care act and replace it with Medicaid health plan for poor and also allow to sell plans nationally by the insurer.

A public backslash is expected if the law is repelled because the law provided insurance to millions of Americans who did not have any insurance before it. So Trump is considering of retaining some of the parts of Obamacare like keeping children up to 26 age on insurance policies and also barring the insurers who deny the people coverage with existing conditions. (HEALTH CARE US, n.d.)

Taxes and Spending

Trump has promised to make great tax cuts but also said that retirement and health programs will be given greater importance which accounts for one third of US spending. Trump has also promised to protect programs such as social security and Medicare which are poplar in American public.

The combination of policies will drastically increase the debt of the country according to Nonpartisan Center for Responsible budget. He has promised to increase the military spending and infrastructure. There will be a reduced 1% spending on all categories except for health and retirement.

Taxes collection will be lot more efficient by tax code overhaul that would lower rates and close loopholes. They will encounter opposition from homeowners, businesses etc. that are benefited from current tax breaks.

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(trumps tax, n.d.)

Wall Street Regulation

Trump has promised to dismantle the 2010 financial reform law called Dodd-Frank financial reform law which was enacted due to financial crisis. The Glass-Steagall law of 1930 which separates the investment banks from deposit taking institutions has been decided to reinstate by Trump and Republic Party. Undoing of the Dodd-Frank law has been very difficult for Republican lawmakers and many oppose to return to Glass-Steagall.

Trump is leaning to weaken the law as a bill called CHOICE Act by Jeb Hensarling who is in US House Financial Service Committee.

Islamic State

Trump has few plans on Islamic State but he stated that he would knock the hell out of militant group. He said that his strategies were discrete so as to not leak it to enemy state. He has agreed to give his plans to US general 30 days after the appointment. He also said he is against accepting refuges from Syria and would create safe zones in the countries funded by Gulf States. Whereas Obama said that the safe zone requires lot of American army which would be inconsistent due to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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