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P&g New Collaboration Systems Case Study

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Essay Preview: P&g New Collaboration Systems Case Study

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P&G launched total new collaboration systems led by a suite of Microsoft products to make their work more effective. P&G, after examining their processing of reports and dissemination of information, realized in early 2000 that the current processes are inefficient and outdated. By reinforcing the idea that communication and the sharing of information digitally can promote higher participation rates amongst employees, as well as providing a more quality product. What P&G did not realize is the median or technology they needed to carry out new information sharing. By introducing Microsoft products, P&G allowed its employees to share collaboratively amongst each other, as well as cut-down on physical resources that are needed. The specific example of eliminating email as the sole standard for scheduling meetings and sharing of information yielded more positive results for the company. It had allowed P&G to use Microsoft SharePoint to allow a single-point of information sharing for emails presentations, and reports.

The services provided include unified communications (which integrates services for voice transmission, instant messaging, e-mail, and electronic conferencing). The old way of doing it was very time consuming and was not that effective for the company. With new collaboration systems P&G is enable to have complete access in four major systems.

* Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

* Management Information Systems (MIS)

* Decision Support Systems (DSS)

* Executive Support Systems (ESS)

List of new collaboration system:

* Voice transmission

* Data transmission

* Instant messaging

* E-mail

* Electronic conferencing

* Microsoft Outlook

New technology:

* Telepresence

With the help of all these systems and technology P&G is able to work more effectively and efficiently.P&G employees use instant messaging and use Microsoft outlook which provides them the tools for E-mail, calendaring, task management, contact management, note taking and web browsing. Microsoft outlook help multiple employees to share mailboxes and calendars, share point lists, and meeting schedules that help them to work in effectively. Telepresecnce is an excellent way to foster collaboration between employees across not just countries, but continents. This technology holds high definition meetings over long distance. It saves time and also save a lot of money. More efficient flow of ideas and it also help management in quick decision making. Decision



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