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Philosophy of Teaching Religion Statement

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Essay Preview: Philosophy of Teaching Religion Statement

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So, I have been hearing scratching in the walls of my office, particularly in the closet which is backed by the kitchen. I was sure it was squirrels, or at least mice! Scary, but what could I do?

A friend came by and is going to build new doors for the two entrances to the crawl space, but in the meantime, I was getting creeped out, Yasmeen was getting creeped out, and Missus Weinie (which ends up sounding like Missus Sweenie) was like, "I'm a hunter, I hear stuff to be hunted, but I can't go through the wall!!! She was not amused.

Finally, I decide to go with mothballs. Drive the little critters out with old lady smell! They won't be in the house, just under the house, and if moth balls were that toxic we'd have bitten the dust as children, right. I'm not like that creepy lady on Dr. Drew who keeps mothballs all around her house, in her purse, etc. (Who would date her?)

So, I do that, but of course, the poorly designed door won't close completely after the balls have been tossed. I tell myself that I will prop something against it to keep it closed, but then I remember that I have a few emails and faxes to send before a conference call with other frustrated Strayer faculty. Of course, I forget.

The day goes on, Yasmeen has to be picked up from school and there's stuff to do and when I finally get back in the evening, the dachshund needs to go out. She takes her little shortie legs down the steps at top speed! Runs around the edge and I hear madness ensue! Rustling, tumbling, and of course, I am thinking "what ever that is, please don't bite, kill, or scratch my dog!" (Yasmeen was visiting her grandmother and missed the excitement, wal hamdulillah!)

Finally, she come out of the bushes with an OPOSSUM in her mouth!!! Ewwwww.... But high five, pupster!!!! I peek around the corner and notice that the crawl space door is open. I convince her to drop her catch, then I get on the phone and call ALMOST EVERYBODY! What am I going to do with a dead possum? Ewwwww.... Oh, I said that before. Still, double ewwww!!! Oh, and that could expand exponentially if she was a she and has babies waiting for dinner in the walls!!!

I come back in, thinking of my plan of attack. Electric screw driver, a couple of different sizes of screws.

Now, I get out, so does the dog, and neither of us can find mama! But she can't be in the crawl space because the door is still somewhat closed, despite my inability to shut it all the way. And my plan to seal it is faulty. The wood is too thick for this lady. (I think



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