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Physical & Chemical Changes

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Physical & Chemical Changes

Introduction: Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that is undergoes. Those changes can be classified as physical or chemical. When a physical change happen its normally the size, shape, density, and or state will change. The chemical composition will remain the same. In a physical change no substance are formed as a result of these changes.

Chemical change also known as chemical reactions, results in the formation of one or more new substance with different chemical properties and compositions from the original material. Signs of chemical change are color, the formation of a precipitate, the production and release of gas, or a change in temperature.

Pure substance and mixtures as you observe physical and chemical changes in matter. Mixtures are two or more pure substances that are combined physically.

Hypothesis: You can recognize and differentiate between a physical and chemical change by nothing color changing, form of precipate or production release of gas, or change in temperature if it is a chemical change. If it's a physical change you can tell because it's a size, shape, density, or state.


* Chemical splash goggles

* Laboratory apron

* Latex gloves

* Birthday candle

* 4 text tubes

* Test tubes tongs

* Laboratory burner

* Test-tube rack, wood or metal

* Lighter

* Watch glass (2)

* Piece of paper

* Insulating pad

* Tap water

* Graduated cylinder, 10-mL

* Micro spatula

* Sodium chloride

* Glass stirring rod

* Micropipet with silver nitrate

* Magnesium ribbon

* Scissors

* Micropipette with hydrochloric

* Copper sulfur pentahydrate

* Mortar and pestle

* Laboratory balance

* Iron filings

* Powered



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