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Planning Your Organization – Star Travel Agency

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Essay Preview: Planning Your Organization – Star Travel Agency

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Chapter 2 Workbook: You and Organization Structure

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Planning Your Organization – Star Travel Agency

  1. Write down the mission or purpose of the organization in a few sentences.

Star Travel’s mission is to offer the best price with a first class and personalized service. Using our knowledge, experiences and contacts, we will serve customers with sacrificing and professional tailor-made travel arrangements. We are dedicated to give you what you deserve.

  1. What are the specific tasks to be completed to accomplish the mission?

The company will engage more of a functional organization structure whereby people shall be focusing on their prime area of expertise. However in engaging this organization structure we intend to ensure that there is open communication between all personnel at all levels. All employees at all levels must know and understand my mission and  proper training will be provided to support it. With such a group we believe it will be simple to communicate with and support one another. My organization demonstrates the importance we shall put on our customers, and ensuring their satisfaction in utilizing our services. We will be updated at all times and stay on top of my competitors. To be in first class of personalized service, we will also offer 24hours of customer hotline services, be it an incoming complaint, an inquiry or even last minute or on spot changes may be dealt with and arranged for.

  1. Based on the specific in question 2, develop an organization chart.  Each position in the chart will perform a specific task or is responsible for a certain outcome.

[pic 1]

  1. Adding a new location just a few miles away may bring new challenges for the company. Two different district managers may manage the store in different styles. I need to ensure the new one is being trained and ensure the new store is closely run like the original one. In order to avoid this problem, the company may need to hire one person to train all the employees equally. As far as the first organizational chart is developed with maximum efficiency, minor changes will be required to run the business at two locations. Star travel may need an additional personnel, the trainer, involved in the HR department. Issues like communications and control can be easily solved with a thoroughly planned organization chart.

  1.  5 years later …..

Here, the organization chart will be subjected to possible changes like splitting up the finance, HR and admin department into each individual department. The head office is still responsible for all basic operations, while the business locations in five cities will be subordinated to the head office. Every district managers and store managers should constantly be trained to work towards a singular company culture where all employees feel aligned with the company mission.  To have a unified culture, we must be effective communicators amongst ourselves. We will value our employees’ opinions no matter how far they are located and recognize individual accomplishments.  Occasionally hold company events, creating company blogs, newsletter and intranet will also keep employees from all locations connected with one another.



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